Benoît Chauvet

Athlete Questionnaire

Personal Details
Name: Chauvet
First name: Benoît
Born in: Vannes (FRA)
Birthday: 05.02.1981
Home town: Aviernoz (FRA)
Webpage: no website
Hobbies: Writing, piano, cinema

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Skis: Rossignol
Poles: Rossignol
Gloves: Rossignol
Boots: Rossignol
Glasses: Julbo
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When did you start with cross country skiing and why?
At the age of 9, for reeducation after leg injury.
When did you start skiing marathons and why?
Really in 2011 because I really enjoy long distances and the atmosphere at popular races.
What does long distance racing means to you?
Hard and tactical races.
Which race do you like best and why?
La Transjurassienne, probably because it is a French one and I am from France.
Worst race ever?
Transjurassienne 2011
Most important achievements?
Not achieved yet ?!
How do you prepare a season?
Hard work every day including fun trips (Tour de France with rollerskis in 2012...)
Your goals for this season / overall?
Try to win the overall FIS Marathon Cup or at least some races.
What will you do when you stop skiing (professionally)?
Writing novels.
How can you relax best (after a hard race for example)?
...' try to get asleep. Or while in a sauna (if there's one available!).
You hero / role model?
Keep dreaming

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