Jörgen Brink

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Personal Details
Name: Brink
First name: Jörgen
Born in: Hudiksvall (SWE)
Birthday: 10.03.1974
Home town: Solleftea (SWE)
Civil Status:
Ski Club: Hudiksvalls IF
Team: Leaseplan Go
Webpage: no website
Hobbies: Fishing, doing other sports

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Skis: Madshus
Boots: Madshus
Personal Sponsor:


When did you start with cross country skiing and why?
I started competing when I was 11 because it was a tradition to go skiing and I found it very fun.
When did you start skiing marathons and why?
2010 after I quit biathlon. It was not my intention to do marathons but I had an offer from Thomas Alsgaard to join his team after my first Vasaloppet win.
What does long distance racing means to you?
Relaxing,fun. For me it was a new start and new races and places to see.
Which race do you like best and why?
As a Swede I have to say Vasaloppet. It's the biggest, oldest and the race who is most prestigious to win.
Best race ever?
Hard to say but everytime you win you got to have great skies and a very good fysical status. Maybe my only Worldcup victory in the 30 km masstart in Oteepää, Estonia in 2003. I had a great feeling and could not loose that day!!!
Worst race ever?
Jizerska 2012. I had like 2 cm of snow under my skies, so it was not easy to ski that day. I had to take my skies off several times...'.
Most important achievements?
3 bronze medals in the World Championships 2003 in Val di Fiemme, 3 Vasaloppet victories 2010-2012
How do you prepare a season?
Like many others. Skiing, rollerskiing, running, biking, strength training and canoing.
Your goals for this season / overall?
Win Vasaloppet and do top results during the whole season.
What will you do when you stop skiing (professionally)?
Good question...'.be some kind of trainer and give something back to the sport and give advice regarding training and how to live as an athlete. During a long career you do some good things and some not so smart choices that you can learn from.
How can you relax best (after a hard race for example)?
Stay in bed and rest is the best way of get the energy back but maybe not the funniest way...'.:)
You hero / role model?
No one special

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