Johan Kjolstad

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Personal Details
Name: Kjolstad
First name: Johan
Born in: Norway
Birthday: 09.03.1983
Home town: Trondheim (NOR)
Webpage: no website
Hobbies: Cross Country and family

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Skis: Rossignol
Poles: KV+
Gloves: SkiGo
Boots: Rossignol
Personal Sponsor:


When did you start with cross country skiing and why?
I did ski first time when I was 2 years old. But I started to train hard when I was 16-17years old. I did cross country skiing because I liked to compete.
When did you start skiing marathons and why?
I did try Vasaloppet in 2011 because I didn`t reach the World Championchip in Oslo. I was number 10.
What does long distance racing means to you?
I think it's good to do something else from sprint. I love training and to see that I can reach my goals.
Which race do you like best and why?
Vasaloppet. Because it`s the biggest and the most important long distance race.
Best race ever?
World Championchips Liberec 2009.
Worst race ever?
Jizerska Padestka 2013. I tried to race without wax...'.that was not a success!
Most important achievements?
World Champion and silver in Liberec 2009 (Sprint)
How do you prepare a season?
Training, eating and sleeping.
Your goals for this season / overall?
To win a race and top 10 in overall.
How can you relax best (after a hard race for example)?
Be with my family. I have to kids and a wife :-)
After this spring, summer and autumn this must be my motto: Train as you fight!

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