How to be part of the brand new Engadin Marathon Week race

In 2017 the OC of the Engadin Skimarathon surprises with a new race format - the night race. Now it is possible to join the race.

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In order to make the Marathon week in the Swiss Engadin even more attractive, the OC of the Engadin Skimarathon has announced the first edition of another race format taking place during the Marathon week next March. 

On Thursday, 9th of March 2017, we will get the 1st Engadin Night Race started. During the race the long ski trails can be discovered under special light conditions – in the sparkle of the moon-light – or under the light of a head lamp. The race start is at 7pm in Sils. The trail carries on 17 kilometers through the Engadiner Lakelands and the famous Stazerwald to Pontresina. The Marathon-Village in St. Moritz will remain open during the race, whereby the race participants can be cheered on up close. Also along the route various attractions will ensure a good atmosphere among the participants and viewers alike.

"The goal of the additional race is to make the Marathon week more attractive. We also hope that the race participants thereby will stay in the Engadin for multiple days, which would raise the tourist value." explains Engadin Skimarathon-CEO Menduri Kasper over the background of the new event. 

The preparations for the new race are running at full speed in order to guarantee the accustomed Engadin Skimarathon quality to the participants of the 1st Engadin Night Race. The online registration is now available.

The participants will complete this 17 kilometercourse between Sils and Pontresina in the evening starting at 7pm.

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