New logo, same tradition - A letter from Bieg Piastow

Bieg Piastow, a FIS Worldloppet Cup race during the last years, now after 40 years history changed their logo. But for a reason.

Contributed byBieg Piastow

Just before Christmas a letter from Poland arrived us to deliver it out to all the Worldloppet skiers. The Organisation Committee from Bieg Piastow, last year's FIS Worldloppet Cup stage #6, changed the logo of the event and also their self-immage. With the following letter they explain the reasons, what is new and what will remain. Just as a foretaste: New identity, same tradition. 


"21 December. The beginning of winter. The stately autumn is stepping down from the throne of nature. Something is passing, something is coming. We remember the 40 years of the wonderful history of the development of the Bieg Piastów and, at the same time, we are entering the winter season. The season which is heralding the new travel in time. The season which is to become a breakthrough for the fate of Polana Jakuszycka. The season in which the organizers of the Bieg Piastów, taking with themselves the burden of the experience, tradition and history of the race, want to conquer together with YOU the next summit. The next level of the development in this only one of its kind event. The event which, as everything in nature, requires from time to time a revival.

 That is why everything related to the Bieg Piastów that you have so farreceived, won or bought, will from now on gain even more value, because - apart from the sentimental one - collectors value will join. Why?

We are entering a new era. The times and the market require it. We are leaving the history, the name and love to YOU. The rest is going to change. As you know, we have been realizing the Letni Bieg Piastów for 4 years, and the Rowerowy Bieg Piastów - for 2 years. Three different sports disciplines under one, historic, but attributed only to cross-country skiing sign? Impossible. We had to take the risk and change the logo, and to be precise, create a family of three signs. Of the same stylistic quality, modern, simple, based on association, not literal.

We know that it will trigger a wave of disapproval among the traditionalists, but we do not bear a grudge for it. We respect all those who follow the tradition and we assure you that not only will the history of the Bieg Piastów so far not be forgotten, but also we will put it on the pedestal, because it deserves it.

We are doing it with the thought of YOU the participants of all the editions so far and in the future. We are doing it also for ourselves. Those, who for all those years have laboriously been putting together the elements of this jigsaw puzzle and who still want to do it for YOU.

Your Bieg Piastow Organizing Team!


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