Official: 44th Tartu Maraton will take place

If the next days won't bring us a significant amount of snow, the main events of the 44th Tartu Maraton will take place in Tehvandi.

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The good news first: Tartu Maraton is going to take place for sure as planned in two weeks. Means, also the 6th stage of the FIS Worldloppet Cup is secured. But if the weather is not merciful during the next days and is going to bring snow, the Estonian Worldloppet race is going to be shifted from Otepää to Tehvandi. 

Different venue, different program 

Organizing Tartu Maraton in Tehvandi Sports Center instead of the original Otepää-Elva course means that there will be a lot of changes in the program. Races will take place on six kilometers long course covered with artificial snow. Marathon's longer distance will be 34 and shorter 16 kilometers long. Therefore skiers who chose or choose the 34 kilometers long distance will ski five and the ones who will race at the 16 kilometers long distance will ski two laps (both events will have an extra four kilometers long lap at the end of the distance). At the start there will be eight classic trails and most of the course will have at least four classic trails.

The course will not have an infamous Tehvandi hill and course's difficulty can be compared to the original course. "I think that the course isn’t too hard. I dare to say that this year’s 34 kilometers long distance in Tehvandi is easier than the first part of the original Otepää-Elva course," said race director Indrek Kelk. "Basically we only have one more rapid hill – Kunimäe," he added. 44th Tartu Maraton's main events will take place during two days, from 25th to 26th of February, and there will be no separate start for the shorter race. "We will have three starts on both days, each start will have at least 600 participants," said Kelk.

Registrations are still open

As of 16th of February there are a total of 3698 participants registered for the main events. The registration is still open and can be done from here. All the other information abot the Tartu Maraton will be updated currently on their homepage and Facebook page.

See here a race inspection with Estonian commentaries from the race director Indrek Kelk.

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