Fossavatnsgangan: The final Worldloppet show of the winter

Tomorrow the last Worldloppet race of 2016/17 will start in Iceland. The Fossavatnsgangan 2017 will break the rekords.

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The last show of the winter 2016/17 is standing on the calendar this weekend! Yesterday, the Fossavatnsgangan weekend started with sunshine and a 25 km skate race and the children's Fossavatn (5 km and 1 km races). Tomorrow we are expecting a great last Worldloppet race this winter, the Fossavatnsgangan. 

Norwegian and American victories at Fossavatnsgangan short race

Already yesterday's 25 km race showed the beauty of the Icelandic nature right next to the sea. Many skiers are already at the venue and took part in the short race or just tested the conditions. The winners of the short race are coming from the USA and from Norway: Caitlin Gregg (former FIS Worldloppet Cup winner) beat the Swedish long distance skier Britta Johansson Norgren by 1:23 minutes, Laura McCabe (USA) finished third. In the men's competition, Iceland's Snorri Einarsson was the fastest. Half a minute behind him, Brian Gregg - again USA - finished second. The third place went to another US-skier, tho Jake Brown. 

Fossavatnsgangan 2017 - The last Worldloppet show of the winter

Last Worldloppet show this winter

Today most competitors are having rest and prepare their skis for the big day. The weather forecast promises good weather when the 50 km race starts tomorrow on Saturday morning at 9. With more than one thousand skiers this year, Fossavatnsgangan is going to break their participant's record. Fossavatn agenda and all important information about the competition can be found here at

As always you can follow the race and results through life tracking at but here are yesterday's main results.


The highlights of the final Worldloppet show of the winter you can see on Worldloppet-TV after the race! So turn on and stay tuned! 

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