The Worldloppet Annual General Meeting in Far East

Since two days the delegates of the 20 member nations of Worldloppet discussed the future of "ski around the world". Quo vadis, Worldloppet?

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For 2017 one of the four associate members invited the Worldloppet family for the Annual General Meeting. In Changchun, the home of Vasaloppet China, the 20 delegations of the member nations met to evaluate the past seasons and plan the future of the Worldloppet International Skifederation

China's interest in "ski around the world"

As every year the official end and beginning of the season is the AGM. In this year the Vasaloppet China invited the family to Changchun together with the government. They not only organized the meeting location, but also the welcoming dinner, some side activities and took care of the publicity of the AGM, Worldloppet and the sport of cross country skiing in general in the Chinese Media. One thing was clear already after the first meeting day: The Chinese market has a big potential. In the morning of meeting day 2, the newspapers were full of articles about the opening ceremony, explaining what Worldloppet & the Vasaloppet China are. Also, many journalists who followed the meeting made clear, that the Chinese people are interested in "ski around the world". 

Worldloppet starting fields increasing 

The conclusion of the first day was, that the Worldloppet season 2016/17 was a positive one. Only two of the 20 races had to be canceled because of the missing winter. Of course, many of the other races suffered under challenging weather conditions, but it seems like together we are getting stronger in fighting back. Also, the numbers of participants is slightly growing again. The generally sinking interest in cross country skiing also hit the starting fields of Worldloppet during the last years, but in 2017 we can announce, that the participants broke the 110.000-mark. In order to celebrate these good news, the delegates of the AGM took part in the Jingyuetan Forest Marathon taking place on the tracks of the Vasaloppet China & Ben Derrick, race director of the Kangaroo Hoppet, even achieved the 6th place and made it to the ceremony (half-marathon). 

Calendar & FIS WL Cup confirmed, Worldloppet-TV developed

The upcoming seasons are also planned now! The calendar for the next two seasons is ready and available on our website. In addition, the FIS Worldloppet Cup 2017/18 now is confirmed to take place. Only the stages are not 100 % sure yet, but this will be decided within the next days. For the fanbase of Worldloppet-TV we have especially good news to announce: The format will be developed, the episodes will become more interesting, dynamic & will be published more frequently. All these news we will publish during the next days, so stay tuned! 

We want to take the chance to thank the Organizing Committee of the Vasaloppet China, the Government of Jingyue & the Government of Changchun for hosting the Worldloppet AGM 2017 in an exeptional friendly and warmly welcoming way! May we meet again this winter!


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