The end of the world is ready for Worldloppet

In 3 days the Ushuaialoppet in Argentina is going to kick off the new Worldloppet season.

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The eighth edition of the Ushuaia Loppet organized by the Club Andino Ushuaia is just around the corner. This Sunday (12th Aug) the Argentinian member of Worldloppet is going to kick off the new Worldloppet season. Together with the 25 km long Marchblanca, the Ushuaialoppet brings together more than 200 skiers in the southernmost corner of the planet with unbeatable snow conditions. The CEO Pablo Valcheff declared that "an unforgettable party will be lived"
Counting the days for a new start from Tierra Mayor and with the presence of skiers from all over the world, the 8th edition of the Ushuaia Loppet in its distance of 50 kilometers promises to captivate both locals and foreigners who are passionate about this traditional discipline in Tierra del Fuego.
"The conditions are excellent, we have more than 25 centimeters of snow on the track and the temperature is -2 ° C," said CEO Pablo Valcheff, adding that "we expect more than 200 skiers on the start line, a number that can grow in the last day of inscriptions ".
The schedule of activities of the event is scheduled to start on today (Thursday) at the Paseo del Fuego Shopping Center with the accreditations, which will continue on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the day of the race, starting at 9.30 we will have the skiers arriving at the starting area to begin to retrace the 50k from 10:45 in the immensity of the southernmost valleys of the world. The award ceremony will take place at 20:00 at the Tierra Mayor Winter Center.
So the Worldloppet Season is just about to kick off in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, at the end of the world.

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