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Bieg Piastow
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First race: 11th April of 1976, 15km, 261 finishers
Highest number of participants in main race: 1661 finishers in 2009
Worldloppet membership: since 2008

The idea of creating a winter, sport event of great importance has been in plans few years before it was realized. Mr. Julian Gozdowski, the director of the Sport Department in the Govenor's office was inspired by the Swedish Vasaloppet, wanted Bieg Piastow skirace to become a great, mass skiing event. It is not sure who gave Bieg Piastow the name but it was invented during one of mr. Gozdowski's talks with journalists from the Wroclaw Television. The first Bieg Piastow Race took place on the 11th April of 1976. The main distance was planned for 20 km but in fact it was something like 15 km around the Cicha Rownia. 518 people took part in the first race but only 261 completed it. Stanislaw Michon  won the first Bieg Piastow Race. 

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  • DATES IN 2016/2017:
    03.03.2017Short F30 kmFT
    04.03.2017Main50 KmCT
    05.03.2017Short C25 kmCT

    05.03.2016Dominating Winners at 6th FIS Worldloppet Cup Stage
    04.03.201640th Bieg Piastow Hosting the 6th FIS Worldloppet Cup Stage
    01.07.2015Run on the Bieg Piastow tracks

    01.03.2016Perfect Winter Weekend is Waiting for 6th FIS Worldloppet Cup Stage in Poland
    02.02.2016Again snowfalls in Poland


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