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Tatjana Mannima (EST) wins her second overall FIS Marathon Cup!Petr Novak (CZE) winner of the overall FIS Marathon Cup 2014/15!Chernousov (RUS) & Faivre-Picon (FRA) win the Engadin Skimarathon 2015!Novak (CZE) and Mannima (EST) winners of Bieg Piastow (POL) and current leaders of the overall FISMCSergio Bonaldi (ITA) 1st in the American Birkie! 2nd Christophe Perrillat-Colomb (FRA), 3rd Benoit Chauvet (FRA)Eldar Roenning (NOR) wins Tartu Maraton 2015!Tatjana Mannima (EST) wins La Transju'Classic on the women's side!Stanislav Rezac (CZE) wins La Transju'Classic 2014!Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014! Every race has a start...Skiing is fun!!The reward after a hard race...
Tatjana Mannima (EST) wins her second overall FIS Marathon Cup!
2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA), 3rd Holly Brooks (USA)!
Petr Novak (CZE) winner of the overall FIS Marathon Cup 2014/15!
2nd Benoit Chauvet (FRA), 3rd Toni Livers (SUI)!
Chernousov (RUS) & Faivre-Picon (FRA) win the Engadin Skimarathon 2015!
2nd Duvillard (FRA) & Roponen (FIN), 3rd Furger (SUI) & Gregg (USA)
Novak (CZE) and Mannima (EST) winners of Bieg Piastow (POL) and current leaders of the overall FISMC
Today's 2nd: Stanislav Rezac (CZE) & KlaraMorackova (CZE), 3rd Benoit Chauvet (FRA) & Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA)!
Sergio Bonaldi (ITA) 1st in the American Birkie! 2nd Christophe Perrillat-Colomb (FRA), 3rd Benoit Chauvet (FRA)
Holly Brooks (USA) victorious on the women's side. 2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA), 3rd tatjana Mannima (EST)!
Eldar Roenning (NOR) wins Tartu Maraton 2015!
Tatjana Mannima (EST) victorious on the women's side!
Tatjana Mannima (EST) wins La Transju'Classic on the women's side!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA) & 3rd Aurelie Dabyduk (FRA)
Stanislav Rezac (CZE) wins La Transju'Classic 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE) & 3rd Jean-Marc Gaillard (FRA)!
Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!
2nd Anders Aukland (NOR) & Leila Kveli (NOR), 3rd Oystein Pettersen (NOR) & Seraina Boner (SUI)
Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!
2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA) & 3rd Antonella Confortola (ITA)!
Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE) & 3rd Adrien Mougel (FRA)!
Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA), 3rd Ekaterina Rudakova (BLR)
Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE), 3rd Robin Duvillard (FRA)
Every race has a start...
Mark your position well...!!!
Skiing is fun!!
Snow is something for everyone!
The reward after a hard race...
Skiing alone is no fun! Ski together in a marathon race!!!
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Worldloppet Ski Federation - Fis Marathon Cup

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La Transjurassienne La Transjurassienne

12.02.2006 76 km FT

Alphabetical ranking


PACCALET MathiasFRA2307.07:03:21.3
PACCALET SergeFRA2311.07:03:45.6
PACCARD DavidFRA1092.05:20:09.1
PACCARD JacquesFRA2590.08:50:55.8
PAGE GaëlFRA1595.06:01:06.4
PAGES EtienneFRA1754.06:11:44.3
PAGET Jean MarcFRA1133.05:23:08.1
PAGET VincentFRA208.04:09:27.3
PAGET GOY CharlyFRA68.03:48:05.4
PAGNIER DanielFRA1081.05:19:06.8
PAGNIER JéromeFRA136.03:59:08.5
PAGNIEZ SamuelFRA820.04:57:45.3
PAHLOW BrunoFRA2448.07:29:04.2
PAILLARD FrédéricFRA2332.07:07:47.6
PAILLARD SylvainFRA319.04:20:27.7
PAILLIER Jean YvesFRA560.04:39:53.2
PAIRAULT FabriceFRA465.04:32:13.6
PALANCHON XavierFRA972.05:07:30.8
PALARDY GrégoireFRA761.04:53:47.8
PALLANCHARD BrunoFRA1008.05:12:05.2
PALLANDRE Jean MarieFRA808.04:57:15.1
Palliser RobertCAN1001.05:10:48.2
PANIER YvesFRA818.04:57:38.9
PANSARD FrédéricFRA349.04:23:10.7
PANSERI OlivierFRA1440.05:49:16.5
Pantet DidierSUI2112.06:42:23.1
PAPAUX ClaudeFRA222.04:11:11.4
PAQUETTE DenisFRA883.05:02:28.5
PAQUIEN Pierre LucFRA815.04:57:31.8
PAQUIER SergeSUI762.04:53:55.0
PARENT GillesFRA2140.06:44:27.3
PARENT HervéFRA544.04:38:57.7
PARENT Jean LucFRA1608.06:02:30.5
PARETI JeanFRA2252.06:57:17.2
PARIS Frédéric*FRA1462.05:50:33.7
PARISOT RaphaelFRA183.04:05:52.9
PARMAIN BernadetteFRA2403.07:17:46.2
PARMANTIER BernardFRA2452.07:29:53.2
PARMANTIER XavierFRA2017.06:31:27.1
Parmentier MarcFRA2087.06:39:09.9
PARNISARI JérômeFRA1990.06:29:23.0
PARRIAUX DominiqueFRA1124.05:22:20.2
PASQUALI ChristianSUI2043.06:34:00.5
PASSERON StephaneFRA7.03:21:43.9
PASSOT RichardFRA1412.05:47:17.6
PASTEUR FrédéricFRA2486.07:39:46.3
PASTORE ManuelFRA837.04:58:47.1
PATOU AliceFRA2195.06:50:13.2
PATOZ SamuelFRA129.03:58:37.3
PAUC PatrickFRA1014.05:12:39.6
PAULMIER DidierFRA2421.07:22:36.6
Pavlik RomanSVK1467.05:51:15.3
PECCLET DominiqueFRA1593.06:00:49.2
PECCLET PascalFRA1844.06:17:31.7
PECH RobertFRA2370.07:13:56.6
PEGEOT VincentFRA1544.05:57:17.1
PELLEGRINI DavidFRA1688.06:07:53.9
PELLEGRINI FélixFRA1063.05:17:58.2
PELLEGRINI RémyFRA781.04:55:43.6
PELLEGRINI TaniaFRA1542.05:57:08.9
PELLETIER GenevièveFRA1801.06:14:45.1
PELURSON GillesFRA1555.05:58:01.1
PELUYET BrunoFRA2411.07:19:54.9
PENEY AlainFRA580.04:41:10.7
PENIN YannickFRA1156.05:25:32.4
PENOUCOS GustavoFRA2373.07:14:07.7
PENVEN PhilippeFRA1775.06:13:10.7
PERAUD ChristianFRA2522.08:00:44.4
PERDREAU ChristopheFRA1334.05:40:32.6
PERDREAU GéraldFRA885.05:02:30.9
PEREZ ReneFRA1810.06:15:14.5
PERNET PhilippeFRA329.04:20:59.9
PERNOT AlexisFRA570.04:40:33.8
PERNOT EricFRA2428.07:24:24.9
PERNOT Jean PierreFRA1068.05:18:21.0
PERNOT VincentFRA122.03:57:48.8
PERON PatrickFRA1564.05:58:38.9
PERRAD AlexisFRA1255.05:33:09.4
PERRAD FrançoisFRA2062.06:37:14.5
PERRET AndréFRA578.04:41:03.7
PERRET FrançoisFRA2186.06:49:15.3
PERRET Jean Marc*FRA1961.06:27:30.1
PERRET Jean PierreFRA141.04:00:02.6
PERRET LaurentFRA1536.05:56:50.9
PERREY GuillaumeFRA971.05:07:30.2
PERRIER BrunoFRA618.04:43:56.0
PERRIER-CORNET MarylineFRA2243.06:55:58.5
PERRIGNON ArnaudFRA1267.05:34:07.8
PERRIGOT FranckFRA1826.06:16:11.1
PERRILLAT YvonFRA966.05:07:09.4
PERRILLAT BOTTONET DanielFRA1937.06:25:30.1
PERRILLAT-BOTTONET OlivierFRA968.05:07:19.4
PERRIN DenisFRA1189.05:28:27.9
PERRIN DidierFRA786.04:55:51.3
PERRIN HervéFRA1466.05:51:14.3
PERRIN OlivierFRA283.04:17:05.0
PERRIN RémiFRA506.04:35:26.7
PERRIN SébastienFRA772.04:54:44.7
PERRODO PhilippeFRA1246.05:32:28.9
PERROT AurélienFRA168.04:04:47.8
PERROT PhilippeFRA1927.06:24:15.7
PERROT AUDET VincentFRA280.04:17:03.3
PERROTIN RichardFRA468.04:32:23.3
PERRY XavierFRA371.04:25:11.1
PERSICO DanielleFRA2603.09:10:29.7
PERSICO JeanFRA2580.08:40:08.5
PERSICO SimonFRA1016.05:12:53.0
Persson BobSWE2125.06:43:31.2
PETER Jean PierreFRA1840.06:17:27.8
PETILLON GilbertFRA1936.06:25:25.4
PETIT Jean CharlesFRA292.04:17:29.6
PETIT MAIRE RaymondFRA345.04:23:01.4
PETITCOLAS BenoîtFRA1004.05:11:30.7
PETITE Alain*FRA147.04:01:19.5
PETITE LionelFRA586.04:41:30.2
PETITE VincentFRA803.04:56:41.1
PETITJEAN AurélienFRA844.04:59:22.4
PETROFF BorisFRA2244.06:56:13.1
PEUGET RaphaëlFRA2145.06:45:20.0
PEULET Jean PaulFRA2488.07:40:46.9
PEYRARD RogerFRA1891.06:21:27.4
PEYSSON GérardFRA2437.07:25:10.9
PFISTER Hans*SUI1171.05:26:32.4
PHALIPPOU MarcFRA2234.06:54:35.4
PHILIPPE AnthonyFRA431.04:29:13.4
PHILIPPE GillesFRA712.04:50:28.3
PHILIPPE RégisFRA2241.06:55:56.0
PIANET HuguesFRA1702.06:08:27.3
PIANET MichelFRA888.05:02:40.8
PIARD Jean FrançoisFRA799.04:56:30.7
PIARD JohnFRA527.04:37:08.7
PICARD PierreFRA2016.06:31:25.2
PICAULT ChristianFRA1450.05:50:01.6
PICCIRILLI PatriceFRA519.04:36:41.6
PIEPENBRING JacquesFRA912.05:04:05.8
PIERRAT BrunoFRA1148.05:24:59.1
PIERRE EmmanuelFRA2068.06:37:29.1
PIERREL PatrickFRA1291.05:36:06.1
PIERROT HenriFRA1889.06:21:13.1
PIGNARD LaurentFRA1747.06:11:17.8
PIGNON HervéFRA1842.06:17:28.8
PIGNON ThierryFRA2459.07:31:50.1
PILLARD DidierFRA829.04:58:11.6
PILLARD JoëlFRA1550.05:57:36.4
PILLOIX VincentFRA1820.06:15:44.9
PILON JeanFRA1198.05:29:07.3
PINEAULT EmmanuelFRA1968.06:27:52.0
PINEL Patrick AndréFRA858.05:00:12.0
PINSTON PhilippeFRA2317.07:04:49.6
PIOTTE ClaudeFRA792.04:56:14.5
PIQUEMAL PhilippeFRA507.04:35:34.4
PIQUERAS AntoineFRA1078.05:18:52.0
PIRK JanCZE1850.06:18:13.0
Pirk TomasCZE1233.05:31:24.1
PIRON EmmanuelFRA54.03:42:37.0
PITHON EricFRA2315.07:04:35.0
PITRE Charles FrançoiFRA1330.05:40:09.8
PITTIER PatriceSUI1237.05:31:41.9
PLACE NicolasFRA896.05:03:03.5
PLAID FrédéricFRA1474.05:51:55.4
PLANCON FrédéricFRA1679.06:07:21.0
PLASSON SébastienFRA1897.06:21:51.2
PLAZAS Miguel AngelSPA403.04:27:17.4
PLISSON PatrickFRA2084.06:38:44.7
PLISSONNIER LaurentFRA2335.07:08:39.8
POCHARD EricFRA1401.05:46:26.5
POCHAT JacquesFRA2316.07:04:41.5
POCHET LaurenceFRA2154.06:45:45.9
POCHET LaurentFRA1883.06:20:50.3
PODICO ChristopheFRA685.04:48:15.2
PODOGORSKA SébastienFRA2592.08:53:50.7
POILANE PascalFRA1439.05:49:14.3
POILLOT JulienFRA1370.05:43:33.0
POIROT Jean ChristopheFRA1438.05:49:12.1
POIROT ThibaultFRA591.04:41:55.5
POIZAT EricFRA826.04:58:05.9
POLLARI RistoFIN1473.05:51:50.9
POLLET Jean-LucFRA1320.05:38:53.4
Polte FrankGER490.04:33:39.4
POMARO HervéFRA676.04:47:46.1
POMMIER CédricFRA611.04:43:19.0
POMMIER RenéFRA1414.05:47:23.5
PONCAK PeterSVK2469.07:33:37.1
PONCET FrédéricFRA219.04:10:54.2
PONCET ThierryFRA434.04:29:40.7
PONCHON Jean LucFRA150.04:02:17.0
PONSARD SébastienFRA1201.05:29:31.8
PONTARLIER JérômeFRA1005.05:11:48.3
PONTARLIER PascalFRA1465.05:51:13.8
Pothin RaphaëlFRA957.05:06:24.4
POULET ClaudineFRA2614.09:31:36.1
POULLIN FranckFRA2183.06:49:06.0
POURCELOT FrédéricFRA1600.06:01:20.2
POURCELOT-JEANMONNOT BéatriceFRA2041.06:33:52.4
POURCHET AurélienFRA948.05:05:46.7
POURCHET Jean MichelFRA585.04:41:22.6
POURCHET StéphaneFRA1216.05:30:24.0
POURROY HervéFRA357.04:24:03.6
POUSSIN ElysabethFRA2485.07:38:44.6
POUSSIN Eric*FRA2021.06:31:40.9
POUX ChristopheFRA399.04:26:57.8
POUX JeanFRA1352.05:41:55.0
POUX JéromeFRA1795.06:14:34.8
POUX VincentFRA1790.06:14:21.5
POUX-BERTHE Jean ClaudeFRA737.04:51:44.2
PRACHE OlivierFRA736.04:51:44.1
PRADAL BenoîtFRA1670.06:06:37.3
PRAST JulieFRA1664.06:06:10.6
PREBET PhilippeFRA899.05:03:20.2
PRENAS EtienneFRA1292.05:36:11.2
PREVOT FrancisFRA1228.05:30:54.9
PRIEBST RainerGER951.05:05:59.4
PRIEUR FrancisFRA1541.05:57:06.6
PRIVAT RichardFRA1675.06:06:57.9
PROST PhilippeFRA1682.06:07:26.4
PROST-BOUCLE YvesFRA2133.06:43:58.6
PROST-DUMONT AlainFRA1051.05:16:45.7
PROVENAZ PascalFRA242.04:13:16.3
PROVINI JoëlFRA2385.07:15:21.4
PROY GérardFRA1804.06:14:49.3
PRUDENT JacquesFRA780.04:55:43.2
PRUVOT JérômeFRA154.04:02:25.0
PRUVOT PascalFRA1147.05:24:58.0
PUTOD Jean FrançoisFRA1150.05:25:10.1
Puyuelo del Val PascualSPA546.04:39:01.7
PY DavidFRA2077.06:38:04.4
PYTHON Jean BernardSUI666.04:47:13.7


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