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23.02.2008 50 Km CT

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Öhman RamonaFin2477.5:05:54.00
Öhman TomFIN1251.3:30:25.00
Öhrling MarcusFIN2646.5:32:49.00
ÖLJYMÄKI JariFIN1648.3:56:45.00
Öljymäki Mauri JvFIN1711.4:01:37.00
Örn AnttiFIN383.2:42:01.00
Örn PenttiFIN2278.4:48:33.00
Österberg DanFIN2135.4:34:20.00
Österberg HarryFin2223.4:41:42.00
ÖSTERHOLM HåkanFIN612.2:54:53.00

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