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Kangaroo Hoppet Austr. Birke

28.08.2010 21 Km FT

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Wade CallumAUS91.1.34.59
Wadsworth TimAUS49.1.22.25
Walker RodAUS238.2.36.51
Walsh KylieAUS256.2.53.56
Walsh MattAUS204.2.13.03
Ward PeterAUS47.1.22.05
Wasley MikeAUS43.1.20.42
Watts JandriAUS247.2.45.02
Weate JanAUS108.1.39.55
Weatherall RisdonAUS39.1.18.57
Weatherall ThomasAUS64.1.27.08
Weight PhilAUS99.1.37.25
Whitburn NicoleAUS241.2.39.25
Wiebenga LesAUS157.1.50.57
Wiebenga LouAUS232.2.32.46
Wilson HelenAUS152.1.49.23


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