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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

Enge BjørnNOR04:35:09.0
Enge OddNOR04:44:52.0
Enge TrondNOR03:56:07.0
Engebakken Jon ArveNOR04:20:05.0
Engebakken MortenNOR03:43:55.0
Engebretsen BeritNOR04:38:50.0
Engebretsen Ellen BeateNOR05:27:40.0
Engebretsen JohnnyNOR04:52:55.0
Engebretsen Knut BeckNOR03:01:24.0
Engebretsen Odd SverreNOR04:01:32.0
Engebretsen Per ArneNOR04:37:25.0
Engebretsen Tom EgilNOR05:55:35.0
Engebrigtsen ErikNOR05:05:31.0
Engebråten Eva-IngunnNOR05:05:09.0
Engebråten RuneNOR03:34:05.0
Engedal FinnNOR05:58:07.0
Engeland KetilNOR05:15:33.0
Engeland KjerstiNOR04:27:30.0
Engeland TorgerNOR03:49:39.0
Engeli Morten RoarNOR04:22:48.0
Engell TorgrimNOR04:11:45.0
Engelsen WilhelmNOR04:08:40.0
ENGELSTAD KjetilNOR03:48:22.0
Engelstad KristinNOR05:37:19.0
Engelund AndersNOR03:44:05.0
Engen Alf HenrikNOR04:56:53.0
Engen AndreasNOR04:28:25.0
Engen ChristelNOR04:44:53.0
Engen Elisabeth LundeNOR04:48:19.0
Engen FrodeNOR05:51:40.0
Engen GunnarNOR04:56:56.0
ENGEN Jan RuneNOR05:43:48.0
Engen Jon ErikNOR03:49:40.0
Engen May-BrithNOR04:20:44.0
Engen MortenNOR03:11:28.0
Engen Odd MartinNOR04:31:39.0
Engen OlavNOR04:40:43.0
Engen RuneNOR03:36:32.0
Engen ThereseNOR03:22:27.0
Engene KjellNOR04:18:47.0
Enger Anders ChristianNOR05:21:52.0
Enger Anne-LiseNOR07:07:28.0
Enger EspenNOR05:56:13.0
Enger Hanna IreneNOR04:19:18.0
Enger Lars HelmerNOR06:05:42.0
Enger Sigurd ArnoldNOR04:00:18.0
Enger SimenNOR045:42.000
Enger Tore PetterNOR04:41:41.0
Engeskaug AstridNOR06:54:16.0
Engeskaug LineNOR05:12:43.0
ENGESLAND EirinNOR04:02:03.0
Engesveen Thor-ArneNOR07:21:30.0
Engesveen ØysteinNOR04:02:24.0
Enget KnutNOR05:29:02.0
Engevik BjørnarNOR03:45:23.0
Engevik JørnNOR03:37:55.0
ENGH AnneNOR05:23:51.0
Engh PaulNOR05:34:55.0
Engløk TorNOR04:30:22.0
Engum BjørnarNOR04:46:23.0
Enitch Sverre BergNOR033:45.000
Enkerud ErlingNOR041:42.000
Enoksen Hilde KrogstadNOR05:09:07.0
Ensrud PederNOR04:28:56.0
Eppeland Bjørn NottoNOR04:14:49.0
Erdal Helge MagnusNOR07:14:16.0
Erdal HermanNOR04:10:26.0
Erdal HåkonNOR06:53:06.0
Erdal-Aase AsbjørnNOR04:33:55.0
Ergan VegardNOR05:32:22.0
ERICHSEN KnutNOR03:39:43.0
Erichsen Rolf JahnNOR05:27:52.0
ERICHSRUD DagNOR03:51:06.0
Ericson TrondNOR05:04:13.0
Ericsson UlfNOR04:14:23.0
Eriksen AsbjørnNOR04:14:44.0
Eriksen Björg AnitaNOR05:22:52.0
Eriksen BjørnNOR03:52:43.0
Eriksen Bjørn RankeNOR05:15:28.0
Eriksen Christian SteenNOR04:53:47.0
Eriksen GeirNOR04:10:33.0
ERIKSEN JanNOR03:46:11.0
Eriksen Jan OlafNOR03:28:10.0
Eriksen KjellNOR03:38:55.0
Eriksen KjetilNOR04:58:43.0
Eriksen LarsNOR033:47.000
Eriksen Lars-ErikNOR03:13:39.0
Eriksen Leif ArneNOR05:45:21.0
Eriksen Leif HalvorNOR03:51:56.0
Eriksen NilsNOR03:45:06.0
Eriksen Ole MariusNOR03:16:28.0
Eriksen RolfNOR04:48:10.0
Eriksen Roy WaltherNOR03:32:04.0
Eriksen SondreNOR03:23:03.0
Eriksen Svein KåreNOR04:52:52.0
ERIKSEN SverreNOR04:15:00.0
ERIKSEN TomNOR04:43:12.0
Eriksen Tom SNOR04:49:01.0
Eriksen TorkildNOR05:41:10.0
Eriksen TrondNOR05:48:20.0

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