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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

Haug KnutNOR03:43:25.0
Haug Martine HøyemNOR04:04:16.0
Haug Mona BuggeNOR05:25:44.0
Haug MortenNOR05:39:16.0
Haug Njål EirikNOR03:43:35.0
Haug PederNOR03:47:01.0
HAUG Per KristianNOR05:22:55.0
Haug RuneNOR05:10:13.0
Haug SteinarNOR04:34:03.0
Haug Svein OlavNOR04:49:13.0
Haug Svenn HåkonNOR04:47:18.0
Haug Vidar SteenNOR04:00:52.0
Haug ØyvindNOR04:56:00.0
Haugaa HåkonNOR04:32:32.0
Haugbjørg JosteinNOR04:05:15.0
Hauge ErikNOR03:43:12.0
Hauge FredrikNOR05:19:58.0
Hauge KjellNOR03:46:04.0
Hauge MaritNOR05:29:06.0
Hauge PerNOR05:07:35.0
Hauge RuneNOR06:24:39.0
Hauge SigmundNOR03:58:21.0
HAUGE TrygveNOR03:30:37.0
Haugen Anne-Grete BNOR04:45:36.0
Haugen ArildNOR04:07:59.0
Haugen BaardNOR04:50:04.0
Haugen Bjørn ToreNOR05:52:40.0
Haugen Bjørn TrygveNOR05:42:27.0
HAUGEN EdgarNOR05:52:23.0
Haugen EinarNOR03:38:29.0
Haugen EndreNOR05:36:54.0
Haugen ErikNOR03:59:28.0
HAUGEN GunnarNOR04:25:48.0
Haugen Hans OlavNOR04:02:50.0
Haugen Jens GunnarNOR05:06:51.0
HAUGEN KajaNOR04:05:52.0
Haugen KjartanNOR03:51:15.0
Haugen Lars-EgarNOR04:53:36.0
Haugen MagneNOR05:11:19.0
Haugen NilsNOR03:43:29.0
Haugen Odd ErikNOR03:58:06.0
Haugen OlaNOR05:01:36.0
Haugen Olav ReidarNOR05:17:36.0
Haugen Ole PetterNOR03:49:53.0
Haugen OveNOR06:14:00.0
Haugen Per AndersNOR05:32:52.0
Haugen Per OlavNOR04:53:36.0
Haugen RuneNOR04:28:26.0
Haugen Sondre ClausenNOR041:12.000
Haugen SteinarNOR05:22:51.0
Haugen Stig ØrjanNOR04:09:35.0
Haugen StineNOR04:00:22.0
Haugen Svein ArneNOR03:37:25.0
HAUGEN TomNOR05:05:46.0
Haugen TorNOR03:51:31.0
Haugen TorbjørnNOR03:44:35.0
Haugen ToreNOR03:48:18.0
Haugen TorfinnNOR04:53:20.0
Haugen TorfinnNOR05:10:18.0
Haugen TorkelNOR05:09:15.0
Haugen TrondNOR06:30:15.0
Haugen Øyvind SollerudNOR04:54:53.0
Haugeneset GjermundNOR04:57:08.0
Hauger KnutNOR04:04:22.0
Hauger OddNOR05:39:03.0
Haugerud HaakonNOR05:39:00.0
Haugerud Lars ChristianNOR03:39:08.0
Haugerud MortenNOR04:11:06.0
Haugerud SteinarNOR05:30:47.0
Haugerud VebjørnNOR04:44:49.0
Haugesten ErikNOR05:00:37.0
Haugfos Nils PetterNOR04:04:11.0
HAUGHEM Hans MartinNOR03:41:22.0
HAUGLAND JarleNOR03:33:40.0
HAUGLAND KnutNOR04:02:49.0
Haugland YngvarNOR03:53:50.0
Haugli LarsNOR04:28:45.0
Hauglin Øystein ErikNOR04:19:15.0
Haugmo ElinNOR04:43:40.0
Haugmo FrøydisNOR05:27:32.0
Haugmo KnutNOR04:27:41.0
Haugom Jo ChristenNOR04:11:08.0
Haugom YngveNOR04:27:48.0
Haugse VidarNOR03:58:51.0
Haugset Anne SigridNOR04:59:59.0
Haugset Per OlaNOR04:07:08.0
Haugset Siri MetteNOR03:59:23.0
Haugseth JohanNOR04:31:10.0
Haugseth OddvarNOR05:20:41.0
Haugstulen AmundNOR03:38:45.0
Haugstulen KjellNOR04:52:31.0
Haugstulen TorNOR04:46:55.0
Haugsvær AndrèNOR049:59.000
Haugsvær AndreasNOR053:25.000
Haukaas Bjørn TorgeirNOR04:14:17.0
Haukeland JonNOR03:39:35.0
Haukvik BårdNOR05:24:37.0
Haukvik OlavNOR03:41:37.0
Haukås MortenNOR06:08:37.0
Haukåssveen EmilNOR041:56.000

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