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Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014! Every race has a start...Skiing is fun!!The reward after a hard race...
Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!
2nd Anders Aukland (NOR) & Leila Kveli (NOR), 3rd Oystein Pettersen (NOR) & Seraina Boner (SUI)
Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!
2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA) & 3rd Antonella Confortola (ITA)!
Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE) & 3rd Adrien Mougel (FRA)!
Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA), 3rd Ekaterina Rudakova (BLR)
Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE), 3rd Robin Duvillard (FRA)
Every race has a start...
Mark your position well...!!!
Skiing is fun!!
Snow is something for everyone!
The reward after a hard race...
Skiing alone is no fun! Ski together in a marathon race!!!
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Worldloppet Ski Federation - Fis Marathon Cup

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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

Haug Martine HøyemNOR04:04:16.0
Haug Mona BuggeNOR05:25:44.0
Haug MortenNOR05:39:16.0
Haug Njål EirikNOR03:43:35.0
Haug PederNOR03:47:01.0
HAUG Per KristianNOR05:22:55.0
Haug RuneNOR05:10:13.0
Haug SteinarNOR04:34:03.0
Haug Svein OlavNOR04:49:13.0
Haug Svenn HåkonNOR04:47:18.0
Haug Vidar SteenNOR04:00:52.0
Haug ØyvindNOR04:56:00.0
Haugaa HåkonNOR04:32:32.0
Haugbjørg JosteinNOR04:05:15.0
Hauge ErikNOR03:43:12.0
Hauge FredrikNOR05:19:58.0
Hauge KjellNOR03:46:04.0
Hauge MaritNOR05:29:06.0
Hauge PerNOR05:07:35.0
Hauge RuneNOR06:24:39.0
Hauge SigmundNOR03:58:21.0
HAUGE TrygveNOR03:30:37.0
Haugen Anne-Grete BNOR04:45:36.0
Haugen ArildNOR04:07:59.0
Haugen BaardNOR04:50:04.0
Haugen Bjørn ToreNOR05:52:40.0
Haugen Bjørn TrygveNOR05:42:27.0
HAUGEN EdgarNOR05:52:23.0
Haugen EinarNOR03:38:29.0
Haugen EndreNOR05:36:54.0
Haugen ErikNOR03:59:28.0
HAUGEN GunnarNOR04:25:48.0
Haugen Hans OlavNOR04:02:50.0
Haugen Jens GunnarNOR05:06:51.0
HAUGEN KajaNOR04:05:52.0
Haugen KjartanNOR03:51:15.0
Haugen Lars-EgarNOR04:53:36.0
Haugen MagneNOR05:11:19.0
Haugen NilsNOR03:43:29.0
Haugen Odd ErikNOR03:58:06.0
Haugen OlaNOR05:01:36.0
Haugen Olav ReidarNOR05:17:36.0
Haugen Ole PetterNOR03:49:53.0
Haugen OveNOR06:14:00.0
Haugen Per AndersNOR05:32:52.0
Haugen Per OlavNOR04:53:36.0
Haugen RuneNOR04:28:26.0
Haugen Sondre ClausenNOR041:12.000
Haugen SteinarNOR05:22:51.0
Haugen Stig ØrjanNOR04:09:35.0
Haugen StineNOR04:00:22.0
Haugen Svein ArneNOR03:37:25.0
HAUGEN TomNOR05:05:46.0
Haugen TorNOR03:51:31.0
Haugen TorbjørnNOR03:44:35.0
Haugen ToreNOR03:48:18.0
Haugen TorfinnNOR04:53:20.0
Haugen TorfinnNOR05:10:18.0
Haugen TorkelNOR05:09:15.0
Haugen TrondNOR06:30:15.0
Haugen Øyvind SollerudNOR04:54:53.0
Haugeneset GjermundNOR04:57:08.0
Hauger KnutNOR04:04:22.0
Hauger OddNOR05:39:03.0
Haugerud HaakonNOR05:39:00.0
Haugerud Lars ChristianNOR03:39:08.0
Haugerud MortenNOR04:11:06.0
Haugerud SteinarNOR05:30:47.0
Haugerud VebjørnNOR04:44:49.0
Haugesten ErikNOR05:00:37.0
Haugfos Nils PetterNOR04:04:11.0
HAUGHEM Hans MartinNOR03:41:22.0
HAUGLAND JarleNOR03:33:40.0
HAUGLAND KnutNOR04:02:49.0
Haugland YngvarNOR03:53:50.0
Haugli LarsNOR04:28:45.0
Hauglin Øystein ErikNOR04:19:15.0
Haugmo ElinNOR04:43:40.0
Haugmo FrøydisNOR05:27:32.0
Haugmo KnutNOR04:27:41.0
Haugom Jo ChristenNOR04:11:08.0
Haugom YngveNOR04:27:48.0
Haugse VidarNOR03:58:51.0
Haugset Anne SigridNOR04:59:59.0
Haugset Per OlaNOR04:07:08.0
Haugset Siri MetteNOR03:59:23.0
Haugseth JohanNOR04:31:10.0
Haugseth OddvarNOR05:20:41.0
Haugstulen AmundNOR03:38:45.0
Haugstulen KjellNOR04:52:31.0
Haugstulen TorNOR04:46:55.0
Haugsvær AndrèNOR049:59.000
Haugsvær AndreasNOR053:25.000
Haukaas Bjørn TorgeirNOR04:14:17.0
Haukeland JonNOR03:39:35.0
Haukvik BårdNOR05:24:37.0
Haukvik OlavNOR03:41:37.0
Haukås MortenNOR06:08:37.0
Haukåssveen EmilNOR041:56.000
Haukåssveen JohannesNOR03:41:43.0

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