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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

LANGSLET OdinNOR04:10:34.0
Langsrud YngveNOR03:17:24.0
Langum Henrik BackeNOR03:43:18.0
Langum Rolf Jr.NOR03:27:53.0
Langved GunnarNOR03:59:05.0
Langås AsgeirNOR04:43:04.0
Langås GeirNOR04:38:21.0
Langøy Fred MartinNOR04:56:17.0
LARSEN AageNOR04:52:53.0
Larsen AnnemorNOR05:09:59.0
Larsen Askild VatnbakkNOR03:36:27.0
Larsen Bjørn IngeNOR03:26:55.0
Larsen Bjørn RagnarNOR04:10:17.0
Larsen Bodil WielNOR05:02:20.0
Larsen Cristian BNOR041:34.000
Larsen Dag IvarNOR04:09:04.0
Larsen Dagfinn KnophNOR03:54:59.0
Larsen EjnarNOR06:09:56.0
Larsen Ellen MarieNOR05:18:26.0
Larsen EspenNOR05:01:19.0
Larsen Fred JuelNOR04:43:21.0
Larsen Gunn-MayNOR07:33:42.0
Larsen HaraldNOR03:49:00.0
Larsen HelgeNOR03:35:42.0
Larsen HildeNOR03:56:13.0
LARSEN Joachim MandtNOR043:31.000
Larsen Karsten B.NOR05:28:07.0
Larsen KjellNOR05:45:12.0
LARSEN KjellNOR05:48:21.0
Larsen Kjell OlavNOR03:50:34.0
Larsen Knut LormannNOR05:48:32.0
Larsen Lars JonarNOR04:02:09.0
Larsen Lasse BingNOR05:01:10.0
Larsen Mads AndreNOR04:46:10.0
Larsen Magnus MellbyeNOR03:48:56.0
Larsen MalvinNOR04:02:18.0
Larsen MaritNOR03:59:43.0
Larsen Martin HorveiNOR04:28:46.0
Larsen Martin WiigNOR042:24.000
LARSEN OlafNOR05:14:12.0
Larsen Olaf SantiagoNOR042:09.000
Larsen Ole HermanNOR04:22:40.0
Larsen PerNOR04:24:02.0
Larsen Per OlafNOR05:13:54.0
Larsen Pål J.NOR03:46:45.0
Larsen RagnarNOR05:37:09.0
Larsen RoarNOR04:31:06.0
Larsen RunarNOR03:30:46.0
Larsen SigrunNOR04:16:23.0
Larsen Siri DürendahlNOR04:43:14.0
Larsen Stein OleNOR05:00:37.0
Larsen SteinarNOR05:51:36.0
Larsen StianNOR042:49.000
Larsen SveinNOR05:30:36.0
Larsen SveinNOR06:12:37.0
Larsen Svein ErikNOR03:50:27.0
Larsen TerjeNOR04:17:43.0
Larsen Tommy SolbraaNOR05:52:59.0
Larsen TonyNOR04:47:57.0
Larsen TorNOR04:02:02.0
Larsen Toralf JohannesNOR04:19:07.0
Larsen Tove IreneNOR06:24:24.0
LARSEN TrondNOR04:41:08.0
Larsen VidarNOR05:00:48.0
Larsen Walter N.NOR04:57:37.0
Larssen ArvidNOR05:21:46.0
Larssen KristinNOR04:34:58.0
Larssen RagnarNOR04:10:43.0
Larsson Lars E.NOR05:41:14.0
Larsson RonnieNOR06:29:00.0
Lassen Ole PetterNOR05:11:48.0
Lau ElisabethNOR05:30:57.0
Lau JackNOR04:09:32.0
Lauby StigNOR05:13:30.0
Laug Roger WernerNOR04:35:44.0
Lauglo BjørnNOR04:30:07.0
Laugstøl ArneNOR05:22:20.0
Laukvik Arne MartinNOR05:40:16.0
Laurendz TerjeNOR04:10:17.0
Lauridsen HenningNOR05:06:05.0
Lauritzen KristianNOR04:06:10.0
Lauritzen RobertNOR05:14:02.0
LAUTEN AndersNOR04:25:50.0
LAUTEN ArveNOR04:11:22.0
Lauvrak ErlingNOR05:06:07.0
Lauvsnes BjørgNOR06:28:59.0
Leberg Tor ArneNOR03:45:18.0
Ledang BirgerNOR03:51:16.0
Ledang Olav N.NOR03:57:06.0
Lefsaker Arne-MortenNOR03:12:37.0
Leganger JoakimNOR05:14:48.0
LEGERNES LottaNOR05:22:05.0
Lehn BjørnNOR03:41:23.0
Lehn Kari RanumNOR04:17:09.0
Lehn KjetilNOR03:42:04.0
LEIKVANGEN OttoNOR03:13:57.0
Leine Bjørn ThorvaldNOR05:35:45.0
LEINUM ErlendNOR05:35:05.0
Leinæs Eli NyhusNOR07:20:56.0
Leirdal AndersNOR03:53:47.0

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