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Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014! Every race has a start...Skiing is fun!!The reward after a hard race...
Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!
2nd Anders Aukland (NOR) & Leila Kveli (NOR), 3rd Oystein Pettersen (NOR) & Seraina Boner (SUI)
Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!
2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA) & 3rd Antonella Confortola (ITA)!
Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE) & 3rd Adrien Mougel (FRA)!
Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA), 3rd Ekaterina Rudakova (BLR)
Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE), 3rd Robin Duvillard (FRA)
Every race has a start...
Mark your position well...!!!
Skiing is fun!!
Snow is something for everyone!
The reward after a hard race...
Skiing alone is no fun! Ski together in a marathon race!!!
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Worldloppet Ski Federation - Fis Marathon Cup

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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

LANGSLET GjermundNOR02:55:02.0
LANGSLET OdinNOR04:10:34.0
Langsrud YngveNOR03:17:24.0
Langum Henrik BackeNOR03:43:18.0
Langum Rolf Jr.NOR03:27:53.0
Langved GunnarNOR03:59:05.0
Langås AsgeirNOR04:43:04.0
Langås GeirNOR04:38:21.0
Langøy Fred MartinNOR04:56:17.0
LARSEN AageNOR04:52:53.0
Larsen AnnemorNOR05:09:59.0
Larsen Askild VatnbakkNOR03:36:27.0
Larsen Bjørn IngeNOR03:26:55.0
Larsen Bjørn RagnarNOR04:10:17.0
Larsen Bodil WielNOR05:02:20.0
Larsen Cristian BNOR041:34.000
Larsen Dag IvarNOR04:09:04.0
Larsen Dagfinn KnophNOR03:54:59.0
Larsen EjnarNOR06:09:56.0
Larsen Ellen MarieNOR05:18:26.0
Larsen EspenNOR05:01:19.0
Larsen Fred JuelNOR04:43:21.0
Larsen Gunn-MayNOR07:33:42.0
Larsen HaraldNOR03:49:00.0
Larsen HelgeNOR03:35:42.0
Larsen HildeNOR03:56:13.0
LARSEN Joachim MandtNOR043:31.000
Larsen Karsten B.NOR05:28:07.0
Larsen KjellNOR05:45:12.0
LARSEN KjellNOR05:48:21.0
Larsen Kjell OlavNOR03:50:34.0
Larsen Knut LormannNOR05:48:32.0
Larsen Lars JonarNOR04:02:09.0
Larsen Lasse BingNOR05:01:10.0
Larsen Mads AndreNOR04:46:10.0
Larsen Magnus MellbyeNOR03:48:56.0
Larsen MalvinNOR04:02:18.0
Larsen MaritNOR03:59:43.0
Larsen Martin HorveiNOR04:28:46.0
Larsen Martin WiigNOR042:24.000
LARSEN OlafNOR05:14:12.0
Larsen Olaf SantiagoNOR042:09.000
Larsen Ole HermanNOR04:22:40.0
Larsen PerNOR04:24:02.0
Larsen Per OlafNOR05:13:54.0
Larsen Pål J.NOR03:46:45.0
Larsen RagnarNOR05:37:09.0
Larsen RoarNOR04:31:06.0
Larsen RunarNOR03:30:46.0
Larsen SigrunNOR04:16:23.0
Larsen Siri DürendahlNOR04:43:14.0
Larsen Stein OleNOR05:00:37.0
Larsen SteinarNOR05:51:36.0
Larsen StianNOR042:49.000
Larsen SveinNOR05:30:36.0
Larsen SveinNOR06:12:37.0
Larsen Svein ErikNOR03:50:27.0
Larsen TerjeNOR04:17:43.0
Larsen Tommy SolbraaNOR05:52:59.0
Larsen TonyNOR04:47:57.0
Larsen TorNOR04:02:02.0
Larsen Toralf JohannesNOR04:19:07.0
Larsen Tove IreneNOR06:24:24.0
LARSEN TrondNOR04:41:08.0
Larsen VidarNOR05:00:48.0
Larsen Walter N.NOR04:57:37.0
Larssen ArvidNOR05:21:46.0
Larssen KristinNOR04:34:58.0
Larssen RagnarNOR04:10:43.0
Larsson Lars E.NOR05:41:14.0
Larsson RonnieNOR06:29:00.0
Lassen Ole PetterNOR05:11:48.0
Lau ElisabethNOR05:30:57.0
Lau JackNOR04:09:32.0
Lauby StigNOR05:13:30.0
Laug Roger WernerNOR04:35:44.0
Lauglo BjørnNOR04:30:07.0
Laugstøl ArneNOR05:22:20.0
Laukvik Arne MartinNOR05:40:16.0
Laurendz TerjeNOR04:10:17.0
Lauridsen HenningNOR05:06:05.0
Lauritzen KristianNOR04:06:10.0
Lauritzen RobertNOR05:14:02.0
LAUTEN AndersNOR04:25:50.0
LAUTEN ArveNOR04:11:22.0
Lauvrak ErlingNOR05:06:07.0
Lauvsnes BjørgNOR06:28:59.0
Leberg Tor ArneNOR03:45:18.0
Ledang BirgerNOR03:51:16.0
Ledang Olav N.NOR03:57:06.0
Lefsaker Arne-MortenNOR03:12:37.0
Leganger JoakimNOR05:14:48.0
LEGERNES LottaNOR05:22:05.0
Lehn BjørnNOR03:41:23.0
Lehn Kari RanumNOR04:17:09.0
Lehn KjetilNOR03:42:04.0
LEIKVANGEN OttoNOR03:13:57.0
Leine Bjørn ThorvaldNOR05:35:45.0
LEINUM ErlendNOR05:35:05.0
Leinæs Eli NyhusNOR07:20:56.0

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