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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

LOFTESNES MagneNOR03:55:53.0
Loftesnes OleNOR05:33:47.0
Loftheim Thor AndersNOR04:19:11.0
Lofthus Inger AnneNOR04:02:44.0
Lohne RolfNOR05:04:48.0
Lohne TorleivNOR04:50:24.0
Lome EyvindNOR05:01:11.0
Lome IvarNOR02:55:35.0
Lome JarleNOR03:36:24.0
Lome KnutNOR04:26:25.0
Lome Ola BrandtseggNOR04:32:04.0
Lome TrondNOR03:32:46.0
Lomheim EinarNOR04:31:20.0
Lomheim ReidarNOR04:13:38.0
Lomsdalen Lise MarieNOR049:05.000
Lorck ThomasNOR05:30:09.0
Lorentsen Halgrim S.NOR05:21:43.0
Lorentsen LeifNOR04:50:04.0
Lorentzen ElineNOR05:19:17.0
Lorentzen FinnNOR03:51:28.0
Lorentzen Hagbarth VogtNOR03:44:59.0
Lorentzen Hans-JørgenNOR03:43:32.0
LORENTZEN Jan VogtNOR03:42:03.0
Lorentzen KristofferNOR043:31.000
Lorentzen SteinarNOR04:06:55.0
Lorentzen ØyvindNOR05:39:59.0
Lornstad AudunNOR03:53:03.0
Lorvik ØivindNOR03:31:00.0
Losnegard ReidarNOR04:07:19.0
Lossius HaraldNOR06:34:09.0
Lossius MortenNOR04:11:23.0
Losvar Alf ChristianNOR04:21:07.0
Lothe JørnNOR04:20:00.0
Lotsberg Dag AsbjørnNOR04:52:08.0
Lotterud Kjell ArneNOR06:30:30.0
Loven Jens-ØyvindNOR04:35:58.0
Ludvigsen Bjørn IvarNOR04:04:21.0
Ludvigsen Kjell ClementNOR04:19:46.0
Ludvigsen Nicolay FNOR041:49.000
Ludvigsen ÅgeNOR03:40:29.0
Luktvassli EinarNOR04:30:01.0
Lunaas Alf JarleNOR05:32:11.0
Lunaas GroNOR06:12:27.0
Lunaas Jørn ToreNOR039:20.000
Lund AndersNOR04:12:52.0
Lund AnneNOR06:15:39.0
Lund ArneNOR05:19:40.0
Lund DagNOR04:22:25.0
Lund Dag VegardNOR04:48:06.0
Lund ErikNOR05:16:47.0
Lund Espen AndreasNOR04:57:31.0
Lund HaraldNOR05:01:11.0
Lund Jan FredrikNOR03:47:34.0
Lund Jan-ArveNOR04:00:09.0
Lund Jens MNOR04:59:30.0
Lund Joakim SchistadNOR03:07:04.0
Lund JoarNOR04:06:06.0
Lund John H.NOR04:52:00.0
Lund Knut MagnusNOR05:15:18.0
Lund LarsNOR05:38:34.0
Lund Lars PetterNOR04:48:24.0
LUND Morten ENOR03:47:22.0
Lund NilsNOR04:57:49.0
LUND Per MortenNOR03:45:23.0
Lund RagnarNOR03:30:35.0
Lund RakelNOR05:11:04.0
Lund TerjeNOR04:04:06.0
Lund ToreNOR06:57:26.0
Lund Øystein RNOR04:08:47.0
Lund ØyvinnNOR05:00:31.0
Lund-Johansen MaritNOR05:40:17.0
Lundal Ole-KristianNOR04:13:56.0
Lundanes OddvarNOR04:26:44.0
Lundberg Arnt-H.NOR04:51:44.0
Lundberg TormodNOR03:41:17.0
Lundberg ToveNOR06:44:26.0
LUNDBLAD RuneNOR04:21:54.0
Lundblad VidarNOR05:09:33.0
Lundby BjørnNOR04:52:02.0
Lundby Hans JørgenNOR03:43:24.0
Lundby John OlovNOR03:49:01.0
LUNDBY RogerNOR04:11:57.0
Lunde Bjørn-ToreNOR03:31:50.0
LUNDE EirikNOR04:07:42.0
Lunde Gry AnitaNOR04:53:43.0
Lunde GunnarNOR07:36:23.0
Lunde HaavardNOR05:21:09.0
Lunde Jo HaavardsønnNOR04:56:41.0
Lunde MagneNOR04:14:17.0
Lunde Odd HarryNOR03:55:52.0
Lunde Ole ArthurNOR06:41:18.0
Lunde Sondre ThuneNOR03:42:29.0
Lunde TorbjørnNOR05:16:29.0
Lundefaret MagneNOR04:01:23.0
LUNDEMO MarieNOR04:50:04.0
Lunder DagNOR03:22:56.0
Lunder PaulNOR05:11:01.0
LUNDER SimenNOR04:59:47.0
LUNDESGAARD Trond EirikNOR03:51:53.0

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