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22.03.2003 58 km CT

Nation: NOR

Sandholtbråten LarsNOR06:18:28.0
Sandmo GunnarNOR04:43:49.0
Sandmo HaraldNOR04:21:38.0
Sandnes BjørnNOR06:32:52.0
Sandnes HilmarNOR05:21:11.0
Sandnes Olaf ENOR043:17.000
Sandnes TarjeiNOR03:40:53.0
Sandsengen Arne ChristianNOR06:38:28.0
Sandseter Knut BjørnarNOR04:06:33.0
Sandstad JardarNOR03:41:41.0
SANDSTAD Ole ReinhartNOR03:13:18.0
Sandsten Bjørn ErikNOR04:32:49.0
SANDSTEN Kjetil Chr.NOR03:35:09.0
SANDUM JonNOR04:27:13.0
Sandum Jorun S.NOR05:17:34.0
Sandvand Karin Therese AmlieNOR07:33:42.0
Sandven SolveigNOR07:11:51.0
Sandvik ArneNOR06:23:45.0
Sandvik Christian KNOR03:15:02.0
SANDVIK EinarNOR03:51:19.0
Sandvik GormNOR05:29:15.0
Sandvik HenrikNOR05:17:41.0
Sandvik HåvardNOR04:21:19.0
Sandvik KennethNOR03:33:14.0
Sandvik KjerstiNOR05:13:00.0
Sandvik KåreNOR04:35:06.0
Sandvik Odd PetterNOR03:45:36.0
Sandvik Svein JarleNOR03:49:24.0
Sandvik ToreNOR03:39:08.0
SANDVIK TorilNOR04:45:56.0
Sandvold Britt VangenNOR04:36:27.0
Sandøy SteinarNOR04:38:32.0
SANGNES HaraldNOR04:57:04.0
Sangnes SindreNOR036:18.000
Sangnæs Lars ANOR03:49:18.0
Sannerud OleNOR03:47:55.0
Sannes PålNOR03:40:13.0
Sannes ToreNOR03:34:16.0
Sannum FrodeNOR04:07:29.0
Sauge ErikNOR04:52:26.0
Saugerud Jon GerhardNOR04:30:19.0
Saugestad NilsNOR05:40:26.0
Saugstad JonNOR046:07.000
Saure Dan BørgeNOR04:04:16.0
Saure Henning OveNOR03:42:22.0
Saure Per ArneNOR05:20:17.0
Saursaunet JørundNOR04:10:03.0
Saursaunet RuneNOR03:37:58.0
Sauvage LivNOR06:42:30.0
Sawa SvenNOR05:04:17.0
Saxebøl SimenNOR03:55:43.0
Saxegaard JørgenNOR04:06:05.0
Saxhaug ArneNOR05:06:51.0
Saxhaug KnutNOR04:34:54.0
Saxlund MaryNOR04:41:21.0
SAXRUD AmundNOR03:26:09.0
Saxrud Nils PetterNOR04:08:46.0
Schaatun EspenNOR04:09:08.0
Scharning TomNOR04:56:55.0
Schau Erwin MeissnerNOR04:18:00.0
Schau Stein R.NOR04:34:24.0
Schau ÅgeNOR06:28:25.0
Schau-Hansen JensNOR05:10:37.0
Scheel AndreasNOR03:42:38.0
Schei LarsNOR06:17:54.0
Schei ViggoNOR04:46:07.0
Scheie BårdNOR05:02:57.0
Schelver Ole-JacobNOR05:24:56.0
Schia SigmundNOR04:09:46.0
Schistad HermanNOR044:22.000
Schive ArveNOR04:14:08.0
Schive Hans PetterNOR05:00:38.0
Schive Kitty OlafsenNOR05:47:07.0
Schjelderup Helen M.NOR04:32:31.0
Schjellerud Tor ErikNOR03:00:08.0
Schjellerud ØisteinNOR04:33:04.0
Schjerpen IvarNOR04:30:51.0
Schjerpen JonNOR037:15.000
Schjetne Odd HaraldNOR06:05:26.0
Schjølberg ErlingNOR04:31:40.0
Schjølberg RichardNOR04:04:01.0
SCHNEIDER August OlaNOR03:55:59.0
Schou Knut OlavNOR04:29:52.0
Schrøder JørnNOR03:19:27.0
Schultz AnneNOR04:27:50.0
Schultz EinarNOR04:29:28.0
SCHULTZ JonNOR04:57:01.0
Schumann FreddieNOR03:46:43.0
Schwartz Johan PeterNOR05:07:18.0
Schwencke Hans AndreasNOR03:47:36.0
Schwenke AndreasNOR039:52.000
Schøtt HagbarthNOR03:55:18.0
Sebu KnutNOR05:56:56.0
Seeberg ArneNOR06:01:34.0
Seemann Karl HenrikNOR05:56:56.0
Seglsten RonaldNOR04:14:09.0
Seielstad BjørnNOR06:00:41.0
Seielstad Kari Grete O.NOR05:12:52.0
Seierstad IvarNOR04:10:54.0
Seim HelgeNOR04:31:48.0

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