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Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014! Every race has a start...Skiing is fun!!The reward after a hard race...
Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA), 3rd Ekaterina Rudakova (BLR)
Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE), 3rd Robin Duvillard (FRA)
Every race has a start...
Mark your position well...!!!
Skiing is fun!!
Snow is something for everyone!
The reward after a hard race...
Skiing alone is no fun! Ski together in a marathon race!!!
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Worldloppet Ski Federation - Fis Marathon Cup

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Vasaloppet Öppet Spar

26.02.2006 90 km CT

Nation: SWE

JOHANSSON MatsSWE07:32:12.0
JOHANSSON MatsSWE08:03:55.0
JOHANSSON MatsSWE07:00:27.0
Johansson MatsSWE09:49:17.0
JOHANSSON MattiasSWE06:33:41.0
Johansson MattiasSWE08:12:21.0
JOHANSSON MattiasSWE06:44:00.0
JOHANSSON MattiasSWE07:25:51.0
Johansson MaudeSWE08:40:50.0
JOHANSSON MichaelSWE06:50:00.0
JOHANSSON MikaelSWE06:20:45.0
Johansson MikaelSWE08:23:30.0
Johansson MikaelSWE08:41:27.0
Johansson MorganSWE07:41:26.0
Johansson MySWE08:11:56.0
Johansson NicklasSWE06:29:19.0
JOHANSSON NiklasSWE07:03:50.0
JOHANSSON NiklasSWE05:29:52.0
Johansson Nils-OlofSWE06:29:15.0
Johansson OlaSWE10:11:15.0
JOHANSSON OlaSWE05:51:34.0
Johansson OlleSWE08:01:20.0
JOHANSSON OlleSWE10:43:02.0
JOHANSSON OlofSWE09:30:35.0
Johansson OveSWE07:53:59.0
Johansson PatrikSWE07:03:26.0
JOHANSSON PelleSWE07:41:31.0
JOHANSSON PerSWE06:31:40.0
JOHANSSON PerSWE08:09:18.0
Johansson PerSWE07:53:21.0
Johansson PerSWE06:32:16.0
JOHANSSON PerSWE06:57:51.0
Johansson PerSWE06:22:07.0
Johansson Per-AndersSWE08:58:35.0
JOHANSSON PeterSWE07:11:09.0
JOHANSSON PärSWE07:10:33.0
Johansson PärSWE08:09:54.0
Johansson RickardSWE06:57:27.0
Johansson RobertSWE07:05:27.0
JOHANSSON RobertSWE08:06:57.0
Johansson RobinSWE07:34:17.0
JOHANSSON RogerSWE07:48:57.0
Johansson RogerSWE05:52:56.0
Johansson RolfSWE07:19:02.0
JOHANSSON RolfSWE06:44:59.0
JOHANSSON RuneSWE08:13:15.0
Johansson SamuelSWE06:14:27.0
JOHANSSON SethSWE09:47:27.0
JOHANSSON SimonSWE05:53:38.0
Johansson SivSWE09:17:06.0
Johansson SofiaSWE10:05:32.0
Johansson StaffanSWE09:15:01.0
Johansson StefanSWE08:11:00.0
Johansson StefanSWE06:35:16.0
Johansson StefanSWE10:21:16.0
Johansson StigSWE09:54:32.0
Johansson StureSWE07:54:35.0
JOHANSSON SusanneSWE07:29:21.0
JOHANSSON SusanneSWE09:53:09.0
JOHANSSON SvenSWE07:56:58.0
Johansson SvenSWE09:51:00.0
JOHANSSON Sven-ErikSWE07:12:57.0
Johansson SörenSWE07:34:07.0
JOHANSSON ThellSWE08:10:08.0
JOHANSSON ThomasSWE06:50:29.0
JOHANSSON ThomasSWE07:45:59.0
Johansson ThomasSWE07:00:22.0
Johansson ThorbjörnSWE08:16:20.0
Johansson TobiasSWE08:05:16.0
Johansson TobiasSWE09:02:42.0
Johansson TomasSWE09:35:39.0
JOHANSSON TomasSWE07:02:53.0
JOHANSSON TomasSWE06:44:08.0
JOHANSSON TomasSWE07:08:22.0
JOHANSSON TomasSWE09:33:27.0
JOHANSSON ToreSWE08:21:11.0
Johansson TorstenSWE08:41:32.0
JOHANSSON UlfSWE07:36:01.0
Johansson UlfSWE06:31:48.0
JOHANSSON UlfSWE07:52:07.0
Johansson UlfSWE06:45:04.0
Johansson UlfSWE07:13:32.0
Johansson YngveSWE06:23:34.0
Johansson ÅkeSWE08:50:13.0
JOHANSSON ÅkeSWE07:45:37.0
Johansson Kjelle MarcusSWE07:01:14.0
JOHNNING PärSWE07:32:33.0
JOHNSON AndersSWE08:24:36.0
Johnson DanielSWE07:46:52.0
Johnson Per HenrikSWE06:38:44.0
JOHNSON RobertSWE07:31:58.0
Johnsson AndersSWE07:51:32.0
Johnsson GustavSWE09:06:43.0
JOHNSSON Hans-ÅkeSWE09:42:13.0
Johnsson HåkanSWE07:09:19.0
JOHNSSON JensSWE06:01:54.0
Johnsson JoneSWE05:16:23.0
Johnsson PerSWE06:21:17.0
Johnsson Per-OlovSWE06:00:48.0

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