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Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014! Every race has a start...Skiing is fun!!The reward after a hard race...
Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) & Katerina Smutna (AUT) win the 42nd edition of Marcialonga!
2nd Anders Aukland (NOR) & Leila Kveli (NOR), 3rd Oystein Pettersen (NOR) & Seraina Boner (SUI)
Holly Broooks (USA) winning on the women's side the 50km FT Dolomitenlauf!
2nd Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA) & 3rd Antonella Confortola (ITA)!
Toni Livers (SUI) wins the 41st Dolomitenlauf 42km FT!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE) & 3rd Adrien Mougel (FRA)!
Riitta-Liisa Ropopnen (FIN) realises the hat trick: 3 consecutive wins at La Sgambeda!
2nd Holly Brooks (USA), 3rd Ekaterina Rudakova (BLR)
Benoit Chauvet (FRA) wins La Sgambeda 2014!
2nd Petr Novak (CZE), 3rd Robin Duvillard (FRA)
Every race has a start...
Mark your position well...!!!
Skiing is fun!!
Snow is something for everyone!
The reward after a hard race...
Skiing alone is no fun! Ski together in a marathon race!!!
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Worldloppet Ski Federation - Fis Marathon Cup

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Vasaloppet Öppet Spar

26.02.2006 90 km CT

Nation: SWE

Lindemo PerSWE11:06:52.0
LINDÉN AndersSWE05:56:19.0
Lindén MarkusSWE07:26:15.0
LINDÉN MikaelSWE06:41:31.0
LINDÉN PerSWE07:50:39.0
LINDENIUS MarcusSWE06:33:58.0
LINDER FredrikSWE09:08:16.0
LINDER IvanSWE09:48:19.0
Linder JohanSWE09:52:47.0
Linderborg ChristerSWE08:05:08.0
Lindermann AndreasSWE05:34:28.0
Linderoth JohanSWE08:09:30.0
Linderoth PärSWE08:35:55.0
LINDERSON AndersSWE06:04:05.0
Lindfors ChristofferSWE07:40:49.0
Lindfors JoakimSWE09:15:38.0
Lindgren AndersSWE08:01:05.0
LINDGREN BjörnSWE10:19:51.0
Lindgren CarolineSWE09:08:33.0
Lindgren CarolineSWE11:26:55.0
Lindgren GabriellaSWE08:03:36.0
LINDGREN LarsSWE07:28:21.0
LINDGREN MatsSWE06:49:11.0
Lindgren PerSWE09:31:54.0
LINDGREN RolfSWE09:15:12.0
LINDGREN RuneSWE05:33:18.0
Lindgren ThomasSWE09:36:06.0
Lindh AndersSWE06:24:58.0
LINDH JanSWE07:36:28.0
LINDH Jan-ErikSWE06:30:01.0
LINDH JonasSWE10:23:54.0
LINDH KurtSWE08:19:56.0
LINDHE DavidSWE08:31:41.0
Lindhe MichaelSWE06:36:21.0
LINDHE UlfSWE08:31:42.0
Lindhoff AndersSWE09:46:50.0
LINDHOLM AnnaSWE07:30:08.0
LINDHOLM Claes-GöranSWE07:04:01.0
LINDHOLM EsseSWE09:42:12.0
LINDHOLM JohanSWE06:50:38.0
Lindholm JohanSWE09:05:17.0
Lindholm JohanSWE07:16:22.0
Lindholm PerSWE10:33:09.0
Lindkvist JanneSWE06:47:23.0
LINDKVIST LeifSWE07:10:25.0
LINDKVIST PatrikSWE08:30:19.0
Lindkvist TommySWE06:49:14.0
Lindman RonnieSWE08:14:00.0
LINDMARK BengtSWE07:06:49.0
Lindquist AgnetaSWE10:22:27.0
LINDQUIST BjörnSWE07:19:00.0
Lindqvist AndersSWE07:48:09.0
Lindqvist AndersSWE09:06:00.0
LINDQVIST AndersSWE07:20:33.0
LINDQVIST BrittaSWE08:16:48.0
Lindqvist Claes-GöranSWE06:50:25.0
LINDQVIST EddieSWE06:31:30.0
Lindqvist GöranSWE10:42:26.0
LINDQVIST IvarSWE06:58:11.0
Lindqvist KalleSWE06:38:52.0
Lindqvist KarinSWE09:19:35.0
Lindqvist KarlSWE10:49:15.0
LINDQVIST KjellSWE08:18:32.0
Lindqvist MagnusSWE08:23:51.0
Lindqvist MariaSWE10:30:42.0
Lindqvist MatsSWE06:51:01.0
Lindqvist MerjaSWE08:47:58.0
LINDQVIST MikaelSWE06:34:16.0
Lindqvist VeronicaSWE09:16:28.0
LINDROOS AarneSWE06:21:25.0
LINDROOS MalinSWE09:32:39.0
Lindros BjörnSWE06:13:17.0
Lindroth Karl-ErikSWE11:20:24.0
Lindroth PeterSWE08:25:51.0
Lindsjö LarsSWE09:44:21.0
Lindskog AndersSWE06:34:31.0
Lindskog BengtSWE07:59:54.0
LINDSKOG JohanSWE06:26:43.0
LINDSKOG KarinSWE07:59:50.0
LINDSKOG PederSWE05:42:12.0
LINDSKOG PerSWE07:07:54.0
Lindström Anna-LenaSWE09:55:08.0
Lindström BjörnSWE07:47:44.0
Lindström BjörnSWE07:56:05.0
LINDSTRÖM DavidSWE06:40:45.0
Lindström JesperSWE09:02:32.0
Lindström JonasSWE06:26:03.0
LINDSTRÖM JonasSWE06:10:11.0
Lindström KarinSWE09:36:33.0
Lindström LarsSWE07:33:52.0
Lindström Lars-ErikSWE10:29:19.0
Lindström LasseSWE05:37:11.0
LINDSTRÖM LillemorSWE08:51:11.0
LINDSTRÖM MarkusSWE08:34:19.0
Lindström MatsSWE05:58:07.0
Lindström PeterSWE10:23:17.0
Lindström PiaSWE07:22:50.0
Lindström RobinSWE07:12:32.0

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