Deep winter at the 37th Sapporo Ski Marathon

This weekend the marathon skiing scene is looking to Oberammergau in Germany for the 44th König Ludwig Lauf, which is the 4th stage of the FIS Worldloppet Cup tomorrow. But also in Finland and Japan are Worldloppet races taking place this weekend. Tomorrow the Sapporo Ski Marathon will start and there they have the best winter conditions a skier could imagine. 

Winter at the 37th Sapporo Ski Marathon

A total number of 1904 skiers registered for the 37th edition of the Japanese Worldloppet race and 51 of them traveled there from overseas. The journey was worth it since a great winter-marathon skiing day is waiting for them tomorrow. Since two days it is snowing all day long in Sapporo and the temperatures are sub-zero. For tomorrow’s race day the forecast says temperatures between -7°C and zero and a cloudy sky, which should open during the day. 

A tough course awaits the skiers

The Sapporo International Ski Marathon is not the easiest among the 20 Worldloppet races. It is well known for its tough course with lots of ups and downs, summed up to a total climb of 767 m. The course starts from the Sapporo Dome and lets the participants enjoy skiing through the uniquely beautiful nature of Hokkaido. Then it comes back to the Sapporo Dome. This course, a huge snowy field which reflects the sunlight and dazzlingly shines, will guide participants to a dramatic space.

Shirahatayama Open Stadium is designated as the 31.5 km checkpoint and the only control place. Skiers have to pass the 31.5 km point within 4 hours 30 minutes (at 13:30) after the 2nd wave start in the 50 km race. For the dropped out skiers will be brought to the Sapporo Dome by bus. The Shirahatayama Open Stadium are also equipped with a “massage room” and provided refreshments. 


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