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First race: 19th of March 1970, 48 starters

Highest number of participants in main race: 1982, 3302 finishers

Worldloppet membership: founding member

The race was born in 1970 based on the idea of Robert Steiner who is still and since that time deeply connected with the race. He was the initiator and “spiritual father“ of the Dolomitenlauf slogan „Jeder ein Sieger über sich selbst“ (everyone a winner of himself) which explains the spirit of popular racing and particularly the meaning of the Dolomitenlauf. No matter whether young or old, professional or amateur each athlete will find what he is looking for and is able to enjoy beautiful days in the middle of the powerful dolomites!



For a several decades the Dolomitenlauf course run on the floor of the Osttirol’s Drau valley, starting from the town of Lienz and passing through the villages of Lavant, Pirkach, Nikolsdorf, Doelsach and Tristach before finishing through the streets of the Lienz. The finish of Dolomitenlauf was in the main square, bringing the race directly to the local population. In recent years, global warming has brought with it a lack of snow at the low altitudes over which the race originally run and the race had to be cancelled on three occasions between 1994 and 2002. The response of the organizers to this crisis was to form a liaison with the nearby village of Obertilliach (1450 m over sea level), which lies at higher altitude and has a snow-safe record. The possibility of moving the race to the Cross-Country and Biathlon Centre at Obertilliach in the event of lack of snow in Lienz has assured the future of the race and in recent years mainly this 42 km course has been used.

Now the Dolomiten Classic Race 42/20 km takes place in Obertilliach and 60/25 km Dolomitenlauf (skating) is still taking place on the traditional route, which leads through numerous villages where thousands of enthusiastic spectators and hundreds of helping hands are supporting the skaters. The finish is placed right in the center of Lienz, where also the traditional Dolomitensprint takes place. This is the world´s oldest cross country skiing sprint and it hasn´t lost non of its tradition yet. A special skiing area is build every year at the mainsquare of Lienz where more than 30 worldclass sprinters are delighting thousands of spectators from all over the world. 

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  • DATES IN 2016/2017:
    21.01.2017Short C20 kmCT
    21.01.2017Classic42 kmCT
    22.01.2017Lienz Lauf25 kmFT
    22.01.2017Main60 kmFT

    24.01.2016France dominates the 2nd FIS Worldloppet Cup stage
    23.01.2016Stanislav Rezac wins Dolomiten-Classicrace for the 6th time
    07.01.2016Optimized track for 42. Dolomitenlauf


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