Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Fossavatnsgangan ready to conclude Worldloppet winter 2018

This weekend we are going to do it one more time! Grabbing our skies very early in the morning, walking to the participants bus, going to the starting line and skiing at least 50 km together with thousands of our skiing friends. Worldloppet is standing on the schedule for the last race this winter, the Fossavatngangan.
It is going to take place in Isafjordur/Iceland this weekend. The 50 km race is fully booked with a record number of 650 participants. Another 500 either are going to take part the 25 km or 12,5 km Classic event on Saturday or already participated in the 25 km evening skate and the 1 and 5 km Family Fossavatn on Thursday evening.
The weather prognose for the weekend is very good. Temperatures around 0 degrees with klister conditions and almost no wind is expected. Eventhough spring already came to Iceland with mild temperatures for a month now, there is enough snow on the course.
Like last year we can welcome very strong skiers to Isafjordur. While we saw Petter Northug winning the Fossavatnsgangan 2017, this year we are going to see battles between Alexander Panzhinskiy & Ilia Chernousov (he won the Marcialonga this year) from Russia. In the ladie’s competition we expect a fight between the Swiss biathlon athlete, Selina Gasparin & marathon skiing expert from France, Anouk Faivre-Picon.
The two local heros from Iceland are Snorri Einar Einarsson & Guðrún Jónsdóttir, both Olympic athletes this year. 
Fossavatnsgangan is not only skiing
Not only the skiing competition is standing on the program of Fossavatnsgangan. On Thursday the OC invited all the Worldloppet passport holders to a reception at the culture house and on Saturday all competitors are invited to the prize giving ceremony and a cake buffet at the sports hall. In the evening there is also a banquet & dance. But if you want to be there you’d better hurry, since the 650 tickets are sold out very soon. The last tickets are available at the Edinborg Cultural House.
If you are not in Iceland, here you have the possibility to watch the start/finish area of the race tomorrow live:
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