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Global Worldloppet Skier

It is an award for our devoted competitors, a new and prestigious goal to meet, the logical follow-through of a wonderful sport career, even though at amatuer level. A complete world tour, an award which should be positioned in the most important place, a document you will show with pride to your friends!

The survey conducted by IAWLS in the Spring 2005 gave an overwhelming response in favor of the adoption of a new recognition for those who have skied all WL races.

Name of the recognition
After discussion with a number of skiers the name Global Worldloppet Skier (GWLS) came out as the preferred name. The word global conveys the idea of what it involves, the whole world. It is not advisable to use the word Master in order to avoid any confusion with the WL Masters.

Number of races
All 16 WL full member races existing at the moment of the creation of the GWLS recognition. If new races are introduced in the future, they will be added to the required races. Thus a skier who had not finished all 16 races before the entry a new race must ski also the new race before becoming a GWLS.

Which kind of recognition?
We do not give a new medal or pin but "only" a diploma, an a list in the Worldloppet WEB. This is not a competition, we only list the GWLSs in chronological order. After each name, the year in which the GWLS was obtained will show how many WL races were involved. If a new race is introduced in 2009, the year 2009 after a name means that the GWLS included 15 races. The new recognition should will begin in YEAR 2000 (Inclusion of race Jizerska ).

No Competition with the WL Master system.
The WL Master is the cornerstone of WL and it must remain so. GWLS is a new feature offered for skiers. When a skier has obtained his/her first Master, the next goal can be to ski the 4 races not included in the Master, and become a GWLS. For most skiers performing 10 WL races takes a long time. With the introduction of the GWLS, the skier has intermediate goals which make it easier to envisage the obtainment of a new Master. Thus, the GWLS concept is likely to invigorate the Master system.

Practical arrangements
When a skier has obtained 10 stamps in a passport, the passport is invalidated. For the GWLS it is not at all necessary to revalidate and amalgamate passports. Please simply send an announcement to the General Secretariat Office, communicate the dates of extra races with times and placements.

The Worldloppet office will send you this new prestigious diploma without any further costs or formalities.


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