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La Transjurassienne
Address:Trans' Organisation, Espace LAMARTINE
Boite Postale 126, 39404 MOREZ cedex, France
Tel: +33 3 84 33 45 13
Fax: +33 3 84 33 45 08


First race: 17th February 1980, 76 km, 1750 entries, 1530 ranked

Highest number of participants in main race: 3530 (1984)

Worldloppet membership: since 1981

Jacky Mandrillon and Georges Berthert, both founders of the Transjurassienne, originally called the Progressime du Jura-Transjurassienne, programmed the first edition on February 18, 1979. The first organizational meeting was held in July of 1978, and the original track was to be from Mouthe to Lamoura; 76 km in the image of the renowned Vasaloppet and König Ludwig Lauf. 1700 participants registered for this first edition, that was forced to cancel after a full week of hard rain totally demolished the preparations of the volunteers. The driving desire was to create an event in the image of the existing “big name” international events; the Vasaloppet, König Ludwig Lauf, Engadin and the Marcialonga. The driving force came from four major sources: the Youth and Sports Ministry, the French Ski Federation, the Progrès (major regional newspaper) and the Massif Jurassien Regional Ski Committee. These main players were motivated by the recent international success of French cross-country competitors and the desire to create a French long distance event.



The climb to La Frasse (Forêt du Massacre): Right after the race start, it's not so easy to get into a steady rythm...
The Optician's Climb : In the heart of the village of Les Rousses, a real Tour de France atmosphere !
Bois d'Amont Food stand: a much needed moment of warmth and encouragement before the dreaded ascent to the Risoux Forest...
The ascent to the Risoux : an endless effort. Some say that when you finally reach the Chalet des Ministres, the worst is behind you!
The slope to Bellefontaine, on the other side of the Risoux : the fast downhill skiers and those who picked the right wax can really make a difference here...
The Chapelle des Bois food station : a pure moment of popular bliss !
Reaching the finish line in Mouthe:  a long slope gently rolling down to Chaux Neuve. And supporters cheering for a last sprint! 



By plane:

Tel. 0033 472 22 72 21

GENEVA Airport
Tel. 00 41 22 717 71 11

DOLE Jura Airport
Tel : 00 33 (0)3 84 72 04 26

By train:
Nearest train station : Morez
Transport from Frasne & Saint Claude stations (TGV) is possible. More information here


Paris - Morez : 4h30 - 459km
Lyon - Morez : 2h00 - 204km
Besançon - Morez : 1h45 - 113km
Genève - Morez : 1h00 - 58km
Chamonix - Morez : 1h45 - 110km
Annecy - Morez : 2h00 - 95km



If there is one very specific feature that defines who we are it is the “sense of ownership”, the population of an entire region has claimed ownership of La Transjurassienne. La Transjurassienne actually belongs to the people of the villages it traverses, to the surrounding communities, and to the political authorities of an entire region; personal and emotional investment is total, and present in all aspects of the organisation as well as in the favour displayed along the track from start to finish.


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  • DATES IN 2016/2017:
    11.02.2017La Trans 25 C25 kmCT
    11.02.2017Transju'Classic56 kmCT
    12.02.2017La Trans 25 F25 kmFT
    12.02.2017Transju'Marathon50 kmFT
    12.02.2017Main68 kmFT

    10.02.201638th Edition of La Transjurasienne This Weekend Cancelled
    09.02.2016New Track for the 38th Edition of La Transjurasienne
    12.01.2016More than 3700 entries for La Transjurasienne

    03.02.2016Transju Track-Talk: Weather Update From La Transjurasienne
    26.01.2016Transju Track Talk: Weather update from La Transjurasienne
    19.01.2016Transju Track-Talk: Enough Snow in Jura Mountains


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