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La Transjurassienne
Address:Trans' Organisation, Espace LAMARTINE
Boite Postale 126, 39404 MOREZ cedex, France
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First race: 17th February 1980, 76 km, 1750 entries, 1530 ranked

Highest number of participants in main race: 3694 (2000)

Worldloppet membership: since 1981

Jacky Mandrillon and Georges Berthert, both founders of the Transjurassienne, originally called the Progressime du Jura-Transjurassienne, programmed the first edition on February 18, 1979. The first organizational meeting was held in July of 1978, and the original track was to be from Mouthe to Lamoura; 76 km in the image of the renowned Vasaloppet and König Ludwig Lauf. 1700 participants registered for this first edition, that was forced to cancel after a full week of hard rain totally demolished the preparations of the volunteers.
The driving desire to create an event in the image of the existing “big name” international Worldloppet events came from four major sources: the Youth and Sports Ministry, the French Ski Federation, the Progrès (major regional newspaper) and the Massif Jurassien Regional Ski Committee. These main players were motivated by the recent international success of French cross-country competitors and the desire to create a French long distance event bringing together an entire region as well as racers from all over the world sharing the same passion for Nordic skiing.


68 km start in Lamoura: elevation 1166m, coordinates: 46°23'34.4"N; 5°58'40.9"E

56/48 km start in Les Rousses: coordinates: 46°29'24.7"N;6°04'09.2"E

25 km start in Chapelle des Bois: coordinates: 46°29'24.7"N; 6°04'09.2"E

Finish area of all races in Mouthe: elevation 945m, coordinates: 46°42'14.7"N 6°11'21.6"E

Race centre in Morez:  coordinates: 46°31'19.1"N; 6°01'17.9"E


The start of La Transjurassienne will be given at the legendary Combe du Lac in Lamoura. The first finishers will be expected in Mouthe around 11:45 am… and the others a little while later!

1 • The first climb to La Frasse in the Massacre forest, right after the start: the key here is to find the right pace among the crowd of competitors…

2 • The Optician’s climb, in the heart of the village of Les Rousses: almost the same ambiance as on the Tour de France in the Alpe d’Huez!

3 • Bois d’Amont food station: a warm and stimulating atmosphere before the demanding and legendary Risoux climb…

4 • The Risoux climb: a long way to the Chalet des Ministres, the culminating point of the event (1 237 m). Most skiers believe that the worst is behind and that once they reach Les Ministres, Mouthe is in sight!

5 • The Bellefontaine descent on the other side of the Risoux: a great opportunity for the “downhill skiers” to stretch the gap…

6 • The Chapelle-des-Bois food station: pure jubilation!

7 • The Célestine climb, just before the Pré Poncet: one of the last uphill challenges before the stiff descent to Chaux-Neuve ...

8 • The finish in Mouthe: a long and gently downhill stretch from Chaux-Neuve, to freely let go and enjoy.

La Transjurassienne represents passion, enthusiasm but mainly identity:

Identity – identifying with that visceral passion for Nordic skiing; identifying with the distance. 68 km, the longest distance in France and a definite challenge for all cross-country skiers! Identifying with the decor is big part of La Transjurassienne experience – the magnificent scenery of the Jura Mountains described as eloquent, soft, rolling and varied… and identifying with the unique atmosphere, “the Transju spirit”! No other event inspires as much excitement and enthusiasm from the public who are present all along the course, along the feeding stations and the villages traversed to warmly encourage the participants. Ask any competitor, the clamor of the public works magic to carry them to the finish line!

Course profile of all races

68 km FT - total elevation gain 996 m

68 k course profile


2004 Alexander Rousselet in 2:55’30” set the best time ever realized in La Transjurassienne 76 km event, beating Hervé Balland’s 13-year standing record time.
Marie-Pierre Guilbaud in 3:33’41” is the fastest female time existing for the 76km event!
And now that the Transjurassienne has gone from 76 to 68km in 2015, Alexander and Marie-Pierre will be the record holders forever!
2015 Jérémie Millereau in 3:19’35” set the record for the Transjurassienne 68km. Aurélie Dabudyk holds the female record in 3:31’59”.


2008 - Stanislav Rezac in 02:08’22” sets the best time ever realized in La Transju’Classic 48 km.
2012 - Valentina Schevchenko was the fastest woman of La Transju’Classic 48km in 2:33’14”
In 2014, a new distance of 56 km meaning new times. Stanislav Rezac sets a new record in 02:27’33” while Karolina Bicova finishes the race, the same year in 02:57’35”, both holding the new records. 


By train: Nearest station: Morez. Transport from Frasne & Saint Claude stations is possible.

By plane: 
Geneva Airport, Tel. 00 41 22 717 71 11,
Lyon-St Exupery Airpot, Tel. 0033 472 22 72 21,

Distances by car: 
Paris - Morez : 4h30 - 459km
Lyon - Morez : 2h00 - 204km
Besançon - Morez : 1h45 - 113km
Genève - Morez : 1h00 - 58km
Chamonix - Morez : 1h45 - 110km
Annecy - Morez : 2h00 - 95km



If there is one very specific feature that defines who we are it is the “sense of ownership”, the population of an entire region has claimed ownership of La Transjurassienne. La Transjurassienne actually belongs to the people of the villages it traverses, to the surrounding communities, and to the political authorities of an entire region; personal and emotional investment is total, and present in all aspects of the organisation as well as in the favour displayed along the track from start to finish.

2.2 tons – estimated weight of the products distributed for the feeding stations at each edition… without counting the liquids!

5300 liters of compostable waste were treated in 2015 for 3800 racer meals served and 1800 liters of other recyclable waste was sorted.

18 volunteer physicians and 78 emergency first-aid responders are present along the race course.

The Transju takes pride in its long standing social involvement and commitment to social integration:
-       by involving senior volunteers in the organization of our events,
-       by considering handicaps and adapting our organization to participants handicaps (hearing, sight or motor impairments),
-       by cultivating social and coorportate sponsorship programs: La Sapaudia – Raising Awareness of Bone Marrow Donation; Skier Pour Elles – Skiing for women in the fight against cancer;

Dedicated involvement in sustainable development including: Reduction of printed documents and using Recycled or PEFC normed paper when printing is really necessary;  cultivating local partnerships to limit transportation;  active waste reduction management in collaboration with local authorities;   controlling food packaging to limit the number of plastic bags and boxes;  Ecocup system with reusable cups at every food stand and refreshment areas eliminating all plastic cup use;  close collaboration with our Natural Park to inform participants of local environmental constraints, sensitive areas and species. 

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  • DATES IN 2017/2018:
    10.02.2018La Trans25 KmCT
    10.02.2018T.Classic56 KmCT
    11.02.2018Short FT25 KmFT
    11.02.2018Marathon48 kmFT
    11.02.2018Main68 kmFT

    12.02.2017Robin Duvillard and Maria Gräfnings win La Transjurassienne
    11.02.2017Kromer & Jeannerod win La Transju'Classic today
    10.02.2017La Transjurassienne weekend ready to kick off


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