Marcialonga 2015 – no doubt about it!

Mild temperatures and sunny weather in the Alps do not worry Marcialonga OC

The Italian ski-marathon on 25 January…at all costs

The OC keeps the Plan B ready if the snow won’t be enough

Story, Stars, Mini and Young side events according to plan


Unseasonably warm and sunny weather on the Italian Dolomites keeps awake the entire Marcialonga staff. Some good snowfalls were expected in Northern Italy on Christmas holidays, but the sky never turned grey enough, while the sun kept shining day after day. In spite of that, ‘the 42nd running of the ski-marathon scheduled on 25 January is certainly not in danger’, claimed and promised OC President Angelo Corradini and General Manager Gloria Trettel in the past hours. Snow cannons work hard at night along with the huge army of local volunteers, but they all have to stop during daytime because it is not cold enough to make more snow and whiten the track. ‘We will have the race at all costs – added Corradini – we keep a plan B ready just in case and everybody will enjoy the day anyways.’ Plan B consists of some sort of an ‘emergency plan’ if the snow won’t be enough to set the whole 70k track from Moena to Cavalese which means that ‘at least a 50k-long track from the village of Mazzin to Cavalese town centre will surely be available and well-prepared for the race day’. Gloria Trettel has no doubt about the fact that the 7.700 participants lined up at the foot of Dolomites in less than three weeks time will have fun and enjoy the Marcialonga event from the bottom to the top, better yet, from the start to the finish, no matter how long the track they will all ski onto will be.

Several fragments of the track throughout Fiemme and Fassa valleys are skiable and some natural snow is expected before the race date. Concerning the Plan B, the Marcialonga OC will take the final decision on January 18.

In 2007, the Marcialonga track was shortened due to a lack of snow, but the show on track was amazing with Jerry Ahrlin and Hilde Pedersen wearing the gold medal.

Marcialonga is part of the FIS Marathon Cup, Worldloppet circuit and Swix Ski Classics series.

On Saturday 24 as well as on the race day the Marcialonga Story, Minimarcialonga, Marcialonga Stars and Marcialonga Young side events are scheduled and confirmed according to the initial… Plan A.



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