Birkebeiner Rennet

Sun, freezing temperatures & 10.000 skiers for the 80th Birken

What a feast it was at the Birkebeinerrennet in Lillehammer last weekend. There we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Norwegian Worldloppet race with almost 10.000 skiers. This 10.000 participants and a sunny cold weather were the primary characteristics in the 2018’s Birken. 
Due to the cold conditions, there were many diagonal striders both in the men’s and women’s races. But the fun of this special race warmed up both racers and the numerous spectators along the course. The special occasion of the 80th edition a price has been given to the best supporters club. Among the numerous spectators cheering & motivating the thousands of skiers, it was the Kvikk Lunsj club, who won this big prize. They contribute to give the course through Sjusjoen the Tour de France’s atmosphere from Alpe d’Huez.
The cold and dry snow showed to be a little slow but gave the participants an unforgetable experience. Skiing through the mountain plateau offering a spectacular view miles ahead gave all participants memories for life. Such a nordic scenery can’t be found at another race than at Birkebeinerrennet. 
Some participants have unfortunately been less happy reaching the finish as they did not reached their own expectations. One of them might be Petter Northug who finished at 102nd place. The organizers were very pleased having one of the greatest skiers of all time on the start line and they wish him and the other participants welcome to next year edition with hope for a even greater result.
One more time we congratulate Birkebeinerrennet for its 80th anniversary and want to say thank you for beeing part of the Worldloppet family!
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