Global Ski Marathon Calendar

!On this page, very soon you are going to find the Global Ski Marathon Calendar!

The first calendar uniting ALL marathon races around the world. Doesn’t matter if Worldloppet, Euroloppet, Russialoppet, Ski Classics… every marathon race should be considered and be visible in one place: The Global Ski Marathon Calendar.

The Idea of the GSMC

Over the past 41 years, Worldloppet has united the best ski marathons of the world. Today we have member races in 20 countries with over 100 000 participations per year. Almost 7000 of our skiers participate at last in 2 races per year, 1000 take part in 3 races. Worldloppet has 20 000 passport holders and 5000 Worldloppet masters, persons who have skied at least 10 ski marathons in different countries. There are still a lot (ca 100 races over 30 km) of destinations to discover in the world and we would like to make it easier finding them. Many skiers lack motivation in participating in their home races as they don’t give any advantage in start positions in Worldloppet races and this is also what we would like to change.

The Goal of the GSMC

We want to create a strong and united worldwide long-distance xc-ski calendar, results database and participants’ ranking system. This new ranking system is not meant as a competition series, but in first place as a ranking system showing the participant’s level to help skiers getting deserved start positions at races where they do not have a racer history. This project should also provide something special for participants whose top racing days are over, but result in their age group still matters. All in all, we will raise the awareness and popularity of marathon skiing.