Karlovska 50 (CZE)

The third race of the Czech Ski Tour

Date: NEW (Delayed) 15th February 2020
Location: Velke Karlovice, Beskydy, Czech Republic >> See map
Technical information: 25 km or 50 km Classical Technique
Website: https://www.ski-tour.cz/en/karlovska-50/r1


Unique atmosphere, refreshment stations with frgals, starting shot from Wallachian portas units and a beautiful track. This is the Karlovská 50 race in Velke Karlovice, which is called “Wallachian Marcialonga”.

Enjoy the scenic walachian valley by cross-country skis. Choose the track for 10, 25 or 50 km classic. Start of the race is on a wide horse racing course. The track passes a railway level crossing and the racers also must get on the top of the slope.

The Czech Ski Tour

Spend winter on cross country skis! The biggest ski cross-country series in the Czech Republic will be presented for the fourteenth time.

Bedrichov Night Light Marathon opens the season of SkiTour on date 8th to 9th of January.
One week later is Zadovska 30.
Last weekend in January belongs to Karlovska 50 and the first in February to Orlicky maraton.
The biggest SkiTour event will be the traditional Jizerska 50. The 54th year takes place from 12th to 14th of February.
The whole SkiTour ends with the last race JeLyMan on 27 – 28 February

Visit the website: www.ski-tour.cz