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Worldloppet passport

The Worloppet passport contains a special page for each event in the Worldloppet series. After completing of a WL race, the skier should ask for the official stamp of this event at the race office. Price of a passport is 33 € and is available in every WL race office in 20 countries and in Worldloppet Ofiice. WL Passport can also be ordered via e-shop.

Worldloppet Passport
Collect 10 stamps in your Worldloppet Passport and become a Worldloppet Master.

Everyone can become a Worldloppet Master!

After completing WL races in 10 different countries, at least one of them on another continent (it means at least one race from USA, CAN, JPN, AUS, NZL, ARG or CHN), the skier will be recognised as a Worldloppet Master.

Worldloppet Gold Master, if completed 10 WL main races (list of the valid Worldloppet main races) and Worldloppet Silver Master, if completed 10 WL short races (list of the valid Worldloppet short races). It is possible to combine the short races with the main races.

To apply for the title of a WL Master, WL passport should be mailed to the WL Office, where the validity of all stamps will be checked, based on the result lists of the marked races. In order to be included in the current year’s WL Masters’ list, WL passport should reach WL Office before May 1st. WL Master diploma and a gold-plated pin will be mailed to this WL Master and his/her name will be published in the list of WL Masters. In addition, each WL Master has an opportunity to order a personal WL gold/silver-plated medal and customized sportswear via e-shop.

How to apply for a Master title?

The following is an instruction for the skiers, who have completed at least 10 different Worldloppet races and would like to apply for a Worldloppet Master title.

1. Check if you have fulfilled all the criteria to apply for the title of Worldloppet Gold Master or Worldloppet Silver Master.
Criteria for becoming Worldloppet Gold Master, Art 10.05/:
Criteria for becoming Worldloppet Silver Master , Art 10.06/:

2. Check if your Worldloppet Passport contains all the necessary stamps and data about every completed WL race (year, finish time and place in the final ranking). The validity of the stamps in your WL passport will be checked in the Worldloppet Office, based on the result lists of the marked races.

If any data is missing, try to find out and add as much information as possible (year, finish time, place, in the final ranking) directly to your WL passport or in a letter separately. This will make the whole procedure quicker and simpler both for WL Office and for yourself. Digital results of Worldloppet races are recorded from season 2000/2001 and are available on our online database /link to results search/. If you find there any mistakes, please send your corrections to
Even if everything is correct about 9 races, but there is only a stamp in your WL passport and no additional information indicated about 1 race (especially the year when you completed the race), your WL passport will be returned to you for providing additional information.
WL Passport can be stamped retrospectively back to 1979 in the WL Office, but only if the skier provides a concrete basis for research (year and finish time or place in the final ranking). The result lists from 1980-s and 1990-s usually do not contain alphabetical order and it is nearly impossible to find a finish time among 13 000 results, if the only information is a name.
The stamps of WL member races are valid from the next year when the race was admitted to Worldloppet, but stamps of Worldloppet short races are valid since 1994/1995 season only. For the Worldloppet Master title stamps of the WL main races are valid since the following years:

1979: Dolomitenlauf, Marcialonga, König Ludwig Lauf, Keskinada Loppet, American Birkebeiner, Finlandia hiihto, Vasaloppet, Engadin Skimarathon, Birkebeinerrennet
1981: La Transjurassienne
1986: Sapporo International Ski Marathon
1991: Kangaroo Hoppet
1995: Tartu Maraton
2000: Jizerska padesatka
2009: Bieg Piastov
2013: Demino Skimarathon
2014: Ushuaialoppet, Merino Muster
2015: Fossavatnsgangan, Vasaloppet China

3. Awards.
Every WL Master will be awarded with the following awards free of charge:
a) personal Worldloppet Master Diploma (stating personal WL Master number, name and date of issue);
b) personal Worldloppet gold-plated pin.

In addition, each WL Master has an opportunity to order a personal WL gold/silver-plated medal or sportswear (stating personal WL master number or/and name) via e-shop or directly from the office. You may order your personal WL Master Medal or other souvenirs also later, separately from the diploma and pin.

Worldloppet Master Medal Gold
The Worldloppet Master Gold Medal honors the new Master!

4. Mail your WL Passport to WL Office for checking the validity of the stamps. Please provide the office with valid e-mail address for easier communication in case of clarifications are needed. If you decide to order a personal WL Master Medal fill in also an e-shop order.

5. Depending on the season, it will take 1-2 weeks to check the validity of the stamps from the moment your WL Passport has reached to WL Office. Production time of customized sportswear is ca 3 weeks.

6. If the stamps are correct, you will be accredited as a WL Master and your WL Passport together with diploma and pin will be mailed to you free of charge. In case of missing data or invalid stamps, your WL Passport will be returned to you together with a letter of explanation.

7. After becoming a WL Master, your name will be published on our web-site under this page: and in our monthly newsletter. To be included in current years’s WL Masters’ list, you WL Passport should reach to WL Office before May 1st.

8. After becoming a WL Master your former WL Passport will lose its validity. None of the races in that particular WL Passport connected to your title may be transferred to your next WL Passport neither be considered for your next WL Master title. If you have decided to become a multiple WL Master, everything must start from the beginning.


Neither WL Office nor WL races are responsible for WL passports lost in the mailing process. Registered mail instead of ordinary mail is strongly recommended for sending Worldloppet passports to WL Office or to WL race offices.
WL Passport is stamped retrospectively only if the skier sends punctual information about every completed race (year of participation, ranking or finish time).
If you have lost your passport, you can order a duplicate by the price of a new passport. All races you have completed will be inserted into the duplicate passport.

This is a Worldloppet Diploma – Ready to get one?