Skarverennet (NOR)

Date: April 17th, 2021
Location: Race Centre Geilo: Start Finse and Finish Ustaoset
Technical information: 37km km Free Technique
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Address: Geilo IL, Lienvegen 85, 3580 Geilo
Tel: +47 32095150

Skarverennet – Therese Johaug

Skarverennet is a magnificent ski race in high mountain scenery, in the Hallingskarvet National Park.
The start at Finse, is at about 1220 MASL and the goal at Ustaoset is about 1000 m. The highest point in the trail is about 1450 m.

One of the uniqueness of the Skarverennet is that you only get to the start by train, which is inclusive whit the bib. The race runs on the sides of the trail to the 11,000 trimers. These help to cheer you all the way to the finish at Ustaoset. Especially in “great weather”, as the trimmers gather at Djuptjønhovda and create a corridor where they cheer you through. All this make the race a great end to the cross-country season.

Each year, Norway elite along with several top foreign names, enter Skarverennet to end their season. After the race there are great events at Geilo, which is the Race Center for the Skarverennet. Geilo is one of Norway’s largest winter destinations and is located midway between Oslo and Bergen, along the famous train line “Bergensbanen”


First race took place in1974, on the 37 km track.
Skarverennet were first to introduce skating in long races in 1987, and this with great success

Number of participants:
Race 1100 -1400
Trim 11.000


The whole trace goes into barren mountain. That is why the skiers must carry a pack containing the necessities for severe mountain weather. Throughout the trail you have the famous Hallingskarvet mountain on its right. Along the way you have a fantastic view out over the mountain plateau Hardangervidda. The race has three sprinting prices and the high point is at 1445 MASL.
At Ustaoset, in the finish area, you meet about 1000 spectators and a fantastic atmosphere.

Time record men: 2017 Martin Johsrud Sundby 1.19.45
ladies: 2017 Ingvild Flugstad Østberg 1.30.19

Martin Johsrud Sundby during his race

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