The Worldloppet Stories project

The “Worldloppet Stories” project was born in this period where the whole World is affected and influenced by the pandemic Covid-19: now, we have to stay home, we are mostly not allowed to leave the house but for a short time, everything is shut down and the ski- season was abruptly stopped. The consequence? We have more time for ourselves and our memories. This is a powerful tool to spread good vibes in the world: the memories of our past days and years on the snow, connected to the Worldloppet world, will keep spirits up among the skiers-community.

The goal of the project is to collect stories of the real protagonists of Worldloppet: people.
From skiers to volunteers, to previous organizers and race – workers, we would love to hear your stories. We are sure that in over 40 years of history, there are many different things to tell and this is the right moment to grab a laptop – or even paper and a pen – and let the stream of memories taking shape. Worldloppet is looking forward to hear the stories of that time when you missed the bus to the start and were driven by locals to the start area; the story of that time you accidentally met a friend you hadn’t seen in long time at a Worldloppet race; the story of that time when you fell in love on the track and kept on facing the races and life together with your beloved; the story of your hard path to reach the Master or Global Skier titles. There are going to be for sure a lot of thrilling and enhancing stories to listen to and we are looking forward to it!

Worldloppet is going to get a fixed appointment with the stories three times a week for 10 weeks, for a total of 30 stories published on the website and shared on Social media. All stories (up to 500 words long), will be published in English, but skiers will have the chance to write the story in their mother tongue, having the race-offices translating their stories (languages available on the race regulations).

If someone needs a further motivation, Worldloppet and the Federation’s races are putting up 20 prizes for the most liked and shared stories (based on Facebook interactions): free registrations for next season’s races and Worldloppet goodies.