Demino Ski Marathon

Demino Ski Marathon
Address: 152965 Ski Sport Centre Demino, Rybinsk district, Yaroslavl region, Russia
Tel: +7 4855 239720
Fax:+7 4855 239710

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Demino Ski Marathon
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The emotions of the Demino Ski Marathon


First race: March, 19, 2007, 50 km FT, 100 participants.

Highest number of participants in main race: 1645 finishers (2013)

Worldloppet membership: since June 2012

Originally the marathon was held in honor of Vladimir Naumov, famous Russian skier and founder of the Ski Sport Centre Demino. Every year the course of the marathon increased by one kilometre and was amount to number of years of Vladimir Naumov. Then the Cross Country World Cup came to Demino in 2007 and this year the Demino Ski Marathon was reborn. In 2008 famous brothers Aukland took part in the marathon, in 2010 the Demino marathon reached the number of 1000 finishers, in 2011 it became an official candidate Worldloppet and at Congress, which took place in Tartu, the marathon was included into Worldloppet in June, 2012.


START/FINISH AREA OF THE RACE Demino Ski Centre near to Rybinsk, elevation 90 m, coordinates: 58°02’11.0″N 39°06’47.8″E


Till 2012, the track was held in two 25 km laps. After the inclusion of the Demino Marathon into Worldloppet the organizers prepared the course in one 50 km lap. The course runs along the most beautiful places of Rybinsk land. First two kilometers lies along the Great Russian River Volga, the courses of Cross Country World Cup, the centuries old wild forests along the monuments of ancient architecture.

In case of less snow, 25 km lap will be used. Total elevation gain of one lap is 203 m.


(Rybinsk/Demino; main transit cities are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl)

By plane: Closest international airports are in Moscow and St.Petersburg

By train:
from Moscow: “Moscow-Rybinsk” or by electric train “Moscow-Yaroslavl” with the transfer in Yaroslavl to the train “Yaroslavl-Rybinsk”
from St. Petersburg: “St. Petersburg-Samara”, “St. Petersburg-Ufa” (stop in Rybinsk)
from Yaroslavl: “Yaroslavl-Rybinsk” or another

By car:
from Moscow: via Sergiev-Posad-Kalyazin-Uglich-Rybinsk (4 hours) or on the highway M8 to Yaroslavl, then direction to Rybinsk
from St. Petersburg: via Cherepovec- Poshekhonye-Rybinsk (8 hours)
from Yaroslavl: aside Rybinsk along the right bank of the river Volga till the sign “Demino”

Distances: 350 km from Moscow; 730 km from St. Petersburg; 80 km from Yaroslavl



The marathon is held at the same resort as the Cross Country World Cup. Each participant of the marathon can feel himself like a participant of the Cross Country World Cup. The course consists of one 50 km lap, high difference is 67 m, maximum climb is 32 m, total climb is 820 m.

Natascia Leonardi Cortesi (SUI), Svetlana Nageykina (RUS), Olga Rocheva, brothers Aukland (NOR), Nikita Kryukov (RUS), Alexander Panzhinskiy (RUS), Aleksey Petukhov (RUS), Tim Tscharnke (GER), Sergey Dolidovich (BLR) took part the Demino Ski Marathon.

Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk is located in the Central part of Russia in the head river Volga. It is famous for its industry, culture, ancient history and athletic achievements. The population of Yaroslavl region is more than 1,5 million people. Rybinsk is the second city of the region (the population is 250 000 people). The first mention about Rybinsk in the historical chronicle is related to 1071.

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