2020 Finlandia Hiihto cancelled

Official news of the cancellation arrived yesterday night from the Finlandia race Organizing Committee

The news came yesterday night from Finland, where some weeks ago the snow had covered the event area, but the temperatures and weather conditions of the past days were not favourable. This is the message from the Chairman of the Board Raiko Pousi:

Winter 2020 has not been kind to skiers around the Globe. In Europe the lack of snow has resulted in cancellation of several large skiing events. Unfortunately this time also Finlandia-hiihto has been cancelled – for the first time since 1973.

The Executive Committee of Finlandia-hiihto made the decision to cancel the event at Monday evening, February 10, 2020, after considering that the current weather conditions which make it impossible to organize the event. The combination of heavy rainfall and high wind speeds have thawed the tracks into a very poor condition. The weather forecast for the next 10 days shows there is no hope of improvement.

In the coming days we will notify each participant by email that the event has been cancelled. We will also tell you how the compensation can be redeemed when the registration to 20.-21.2.2021 event begins.

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