Video: Ushuaialoppet Virtual Edition 2020

Due to COVID19 the Ushaialoppet was cancelled. But there is an alternative event: The Ushuaialoppet Virtual Edition 2020. Choose your distance and ski, rollerski or run wherever you want. Stay home, stay safe, stay together!

Skiplanet by Worldloppet Season 2 Episode 6

💥ON AIR💥 EPISODE 6 #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet Today we are following Marica to Estonia, to visit Tartu Maraton. 🇪🇪 But not only! Join our virtual trip and experience the sporty, yet bohemian spirit of the town Tartu, follow us on a canoe trip and discover the other events of the Tartu Ski Maraton family… With a quick…

Skiplanet by Worldloppet Season 2 Episode 5 – FINLANDIA HIIHTO

💥ON AIR💥 EPISODE 5 #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet This week we travel to…Lahti, Finland! A magic land where nature meets sport….let’s go and discover everything with Marika 🇫🇮❣ 👍 And be ready also for a quick trip to the Australian Kangaroo Hoppet! Don’t miss this episode AND like the #Worldloppet page to not miss any episode of #SkiPlanet…

Skiplanet 2 by Worldloppet Episode 4

💥ON AIR💥 EPISODE 4 #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet We are going to take you on a new adventure this week…5 days of events filled with snow, sunshine and happy people: let’s go discover the unique atmosphere of the American Birkebeiner on Main Street but not only and what #birkiefever is all about! 🇺🇸🤠 Very easy to reach and…

Ski Planet 2 by Worldloppet Episode 3

💥ON AIR💥 THE SECOND SEASON OF #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet New episode of Ski Planet by Worldloppet means new experience… This week, Come with us to Canada to live the Canadian dream at the Gatineau Loppet 🇨🇦 👍 Don’t miss this episode AND like the #Worldloppet page to not miss any episode of #SkiPlanet !

Ski Planet 2 By Worldloppet Episode 2

💥ON AIR💥 THE SECOND EPISODE OF SEASON II In the 2nd episode of #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet, we travel to the Czech Republic, to discover with Marika how the past edition of Jizerská 50 was…a marvellous trip in the sunny and snowy Jizera Mountains and the culture surrounding it, let’s go friends ! 😍🇨🇿 👍 Don’t miss this episode AND like the #Worldloppet page to not…

Ski Planet 2 by Worldloppet Episode 1

💥ON AIR💥 THE SECOND SEASON OF #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet Welcome to the 1st episode of #SkiPlanetByWorldloppet, your worldwide cross-country marathon skiing show! We start the trip accross skiing destinations in Japan, Sapporo 🇯🇵 … even if the race was cancelled, there is so much to discover all around it…sushi, kimono, Olympic Games, so many interesting topics for…

SkiPlanet by Worldloppet Episode 10

SKIPLANET by Worldloppet #10 ON AIR We would love to take a good breath of fresh air, won’t you? The last episode of the first season of SkiPlanet by Worldloppet is online. Sheep, wool, gold, ski, snow and sun, everything is possible at the Merino Muster. 👉 Let’s go to New Zealand 🇳🇿… #skiaroundtheworld

SkiPlanet by Worldloppet Episode 9

💥The 9th episode of #SkiPlanet in ON AIR💥 We will discover the world of Kangaroo Hoppet: 42 km on Falls creek amazing trails. ❄But not only…Follow Marika to the Southern Hemisphere in Australia in the heart of the Alpine National Parc, on a road trip from Melbourne and an incredible meeting with the Australian wildlife… Get ready to love…

Video: COMING NEXT – Merino Muster 2019

Next stop -> New Zealand 🇳🇿 – Merino Muster❄ Endless winter with Worldloppet and SkiPlanet • #SkiPlanet is hosted by @Marika Godin, produced by Worldloppet and proudly presented by Montagnes du Jura and Rossignol & Rossignol Apparel.