What is Worldloppet

Worldloppet Ski Federation

Worldloppet is an international sports federation of cross-country skiing marathons, founded in June 10th 1978 in Uppsala, Sweden.
The aim of Worldloppet is to promote the sport of cross-country skiing, by focussing on popular skiing through the various ski races around the world.

Worldloppet members

Only one and the best ski marathon from a country can be a member of Worldloppet.
Worldloppet currently unites 20 long-distance ski races from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.
18 Full Members and 2 Associate Members:


  • Jizerská Padesátka (CZE),
  • Dolomitenlauf (AUT),
  • Marcialonga (ITA),
  • König Ludwig Lauf (GER),
  • Tartu Maraton (EST),
  • La Transjurassienne (FRA),
  • Finlandia-hiihto (FIN),
  • Vasaloppet (SWE),
  • Engadin Skimarathon (SUI),
  • Birkebeinerrennet (NOR),
  • Bieg Piastow (POL),
  • Demino Ski Marathon (RUS),
  • Fossavatn Ski Marathon (ISL)


  • American Birkebeiner (USA),
  • Gatineau Loppet (CAN),
  • Ushuaia Loppet (ARG)


  • Sapporo International Ski Marathon (JPN),
  • Vasaloppet China (CHI)

Australia & Oceania

  • Kangaroo Hoppet (AUS),
  • Merino Muster Race (NZE)

Worldloppet customers

All cross-country ski marathon enthusiasts can purchase a Worldloppet Passport (price 33€). This passport is a personal document, in which every completed Worldloppet race should be registered. The official WL Passport contains a special page for each event in the Worldloppet series. After completing of a WL race, the skier should ask for the official stamp of this event at the race office. A stamp in the WL Passport is the evidence of the completed race.

After completing WL races in 10 different countries, at least one of them on another continent (it means at least one race from USA, CAN, JPN, AUS, NZL, ARG or CHI, if you are European), the skier owning a Worldloppet passport can apply for the Worldloppet Master title. Passport is valid until a Master title is nominated, it means it does not have an expiry date.

Next nomination after becoming a Worldloppet Master is a title of Global Skier for those who completed all 16 different Worldloppet full member races.

Collecting of WL stamps is an additional motivation to practice cross-country skiing and to travel to WL countries. Today there are more than 18000 WL passport holders from all over the world, who also enjoy various benefits at the race destinations.

Worldloppet administration

The highest authority of the Worldloppet Ski Federation is the Annual General Meeting. The highest representative body of the Worldloppet Ski Federation is President, who is elected for the term of four years. The management of the organization is delegated to the Worldloppet CEO.

Worldloppet Executive Board, consisting of one representative of Scandinavia, Central Europe, East Europe and Overseas (Asia, North America and Australia), is established as support for the Worldloppet President and CEO. Executive Board members are nominated by regions they represent.

Worldloppet President (elected in June 2016):
Mr. Juha Viljamaa / Finalndia-hiihto

Worldloppet Executive Board (nominated in June 2019):
Mr. David Dousa / Jizerska Padesatka
Mrs. Kristina Hallik / Tartu Maraton
Mrs. Astrid Trojer-Pirker / Dolomitenlauf
Mr. Ben Derrick / Kangaroo Hoppet

Worldloppet Ski Federation office:
Ms. Epp Paal / Worldloppet CEO
Ms. Anna Crosignani / Worldloppet Communication Manager

From July 2016 Tartu Maraton is responsible for Worldloppet office administration.
Worldloppet Ski Federation
Laulupeo pst 25
51007 Tartu, Estonia
Phone: +372 7421 644
E-mail: info@worldloppet.com