Regulations of the Global Ski Marathon Ranking

1. The objectives of the Global Ski Marathon Ranking (hereinafter Global Ranking) are:

  • a. to motivate athletes of all abilities to participate in ski marathon all over the World
  • b. to offer a merit-based method for seeding the participants at ski marathons
  • c. to acknowledge the active participants of all age groups, who ski at least 3 events per season.

2. Global Ranking consists of the events listed in Global Ski Calendar available on Global Ski Calendar is open to all long-distance ski races of the World at least 15 km in length. All the events in the Global Ranking shall respect the FIS ICR. Request to join the calendar should be submitted in free form to, at least 6 months prior to the event. After receiving an application the agreement will be concluded between a race organizer and Worldloppet Ski Federation.

3. A person, who has completed at least one of the given distances in any of the Global Ski Calendar events, is considered a Participant. Each Participant of Global Ranking will get an average score and final score when taking part in the Global Ski Calendar events. Global Ranking season starts on August 1st and ends on May 31st.

4. The final score is calculated from Participant´s maximum of top 3 events of the season. Global Ranking points for an event for the Participant are calculated according to a following formula:

Where F is a factor according to the total number of finishers in the event. Factor is prioritizing participation in the bigger events.

  • Races with length over 42 km:
    • Over 10 000 finishers: F=1,3
    • 10 000 – 7001 finishers: F=1,2
    • 7 000 – 3001 finishers: F=1,1
    • 3000 – 1001-finishers: F=0,9
    • 1000 – 201-finishers: F=0,8
    • Up to 200 finishers: F=0,7
  • Races with length 41 – 15 km
    • Over 1000 finishers: F=0,6
    • 1000 – 201-finishers: F=0,5
    • Up to 200 finishers: F=0,4

The higher point score is the better the result. Global Ranking Points, final scores and running averages are published rounded to 2 decimal places but are kept with up to 5 decimals for computation and ranking purposes. Each participant shall receive at least one point for each finished event.

5. The top 6 participants of every Worldloppet member event at one long-distance race shall receive bonus points, in addition to the points calculated as follows: 100, 50, 25, 15, 10, 5. Bonus distances are marked accordingly also in Global Ski Calendar.

The final rankings of the Global Ranking shall be determined after the last event of the season.

6. The running average Global Ranking points list shall be determined by adding together the Participant’s Global Ranking Points of the top 3 results out of the events of last 24 months. The average score ranking will be updated on the first day of every month (provided that all the results of the Global Ski Calendar events of the preceding months have been made available to Worldloppet) and published on

7. In case of Participants that have acquired an equal number of points over the season for the final score, or over the last 24 months for the running average, the higher rank shall be given to the athlete, who:

  • has participated in a higher number of events during the season/24 months,
  • if the number of completed races is the same, the advantage shall be given to the athlete with the highest point score in their best event,
  • in case the point scores of their best events are equal, the second-highest scores shall be taken into account, and so on for third-highest scores etc.,
  • if none of the conditions named above is sufficient, the Participants shall be ranked on the same rank.

8. Participants who request their results to be hidden from the Worldloppet website will not be included in Global Ranking.

9. Age groups in both genders.

  • U20 – 15 – 19 years of age
  • U25 – 20 – 24 years of age
  • U30 – 25 – 29 years of age
  • U35 – 30-34 years of age
  • U40 – 35-39 years of age
  • U45 – 40-44 years of age
  • U50 – 45-49 years of age
  • U55 – 50-54 years of age
  • U60 – 55-59 years of age
  • U65 – 60-64 years of age
  • U70 – 65-69 years of age
  • U75 – 70-74 years of age
  • U80 – 75-79 years of age
  • U90 – 80+ years of age

The age group of each person is determined at mid-season (January 1st) for the final score, and at mid of the 24 months’ time window (12 months before the date of the average score ranking list) for the running average score.

Winners of all age groups will be awarded by prizes from Worldloppet member races and/or sponsors.

10. Protests concerning the final rankings must be brought in 3 days after publishing of last event results.

11. All of the other cases, not mentioned in the current regulations shall be solved by Executive Board of the Worldloppet Ski Federation.