1. General Regulations.

1.1. The non-profit association Worldloppet Ski Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is an international sports union of the World´s most popular cross-country ski marathons organisations.
1.2. Objectives of the Association:
1.2.1. to promote the cross-country skiing by organising quality long- distance popular ski marathons throughout the world; recognise dedicated long distance cross-country skiers who have completed the required number of Worldloppet races during their lifetime and have become Worldloppet Masters;
1.2.3. to encourage the elite cross-country skiers to participate in Worldloppet races;
1.2.4. to promote friendship among skiers of different nations, thereby strengthening peace in the World;
1.2.5. to grant trainee and/or sports scholarships to support the purposeful development of the Association.
1.3. The Association is acting in the public interest and uses its assets in compliance with the statuary objectives of the Association.
1.4. The Association is located in the Republic of Estonia, City of Tartu.
1.5. The financial year of the Association begins on May 1st and ends on April 30th.

2. Membership, Rights and Obligations of the Members.

2.1. The Members of the Association shall be legal entities who organise long distance cross-country ski marathons, applying a principle that only one Member – organiser of the best ski marathon of the nation – per nation is admitted.
2.2. The Membership application shall be presented to the Executive Board by the legal body in writing.
2.3. The acceptance of the new Full Members or Associate members shall be decided by the association´s Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as AGM) on the proposal of the Executive Board.
2.4. A Full Member of the Association via its proxy holder shall be entitled to:
2.4.1. elect and to be elected to the Executive Board and to the other managing bodies of the association,
2.4.2. submit proposals and/or inquiries to the meetings in the matters concerning fulfilling of the objectives of the association and in the matters concerning work of the Executive Board and the Chief Executive Officer (hereinafter referred to as CEO).
2.4.3. use Worldloppet symbolics.
2.5. All Members of the Association shall be obliged to:
2.5.1. adhere to the present Constitution, „Worldloppet Rules and Regulations“ and decisions taken by managing bodies of the Association.
2.5.2. participate actively in the Association´s activities including selling of Worldloppet passports and using its symbolics;
2.5.3. keep up with its activities and behaviour the reputation of the Association, as well as to follow standards which are recognized internationally and/or agreed on AGM (including ethical norms etc);
2.5.4. pay entry and Membership fees in the amount and on the terms as specified at the AGM.
2.6. Any Member of the Association shall have the right to leave the Association after handing in their written resignation following the procedure stipulated in the „Worldloppet Rules and Regulations“.
2.7. A Membership ends with the resolution of the AGM based on the Member´s written application or exclusion.
2.8. A Member of the Association shall be excluded upon failure to adhere to the Constitution; non-payment of the annual Membership fee for two years or other serious actions harming the Association.

3. Structure and the Management of the Association

3.1. The Annual General Meeting
3.1.1. The AGM shall be the highest body of the Association which shall be held once a year in June. The Members of the Association shall organise the AGM in rotation.
3.1.2. The Members of the Association shall have the right to participate in the AGM via their proxy holders. The President, the members of the Executive Board and paid employees shall also participate in the AGM.
3.1.3. Only Full Members of the Association shall have right to vote via their proxy holders.
3.1.4. Each Full Member of the Association shall have one vote.
3.1.5. Notice of the AGM along with the exact time and location shall be given by the Executive Board at least 60 days in advance. The agenda shall be sent to all Members at least 30 days in advance of the AGM.
3.1.6. The AGM is competent to adopt resolutions if at least two-thirds of the Full Members of the Association are present.
3.1.7. A resolution of the AGM is adopted if at least two-thirds of the Full Members of the Association present at the meeting vote in favour.
3.1.8. A resolution of amending the Constitution is adopted if over two-thirds of the Full Members vote in favour.
3.1.9. A resolution of altering the objective of the Association is adopted if over 9/10 of Full Members of the Association are in favour. The consent of the Full Members who were not present at the AGM shall be submitted in writing.
3.1.10. The voting is public. In case of personal election, and if one of the members entitled to vote demands a secret ballot, voting shall be secret.
3.1.11. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Executive Board´s discretion or if this is requested in writing by at least 1/10 of the Full Members of the Association indicating the reason of this meeting.
3.1.12. The Chairman of AGM shall be the President or person elected from participating Executive Board members.
3.1.13. The work and resolutions of the AGM shall be kept in the minutes. The secretary of the minutes will be elected from the participants of the AGM. The correctness of the minutes shall be confirmed by signature of the Chairman and the Secretary.
3.1.14. The AGM is exclusively competent to: adopt and amend the Constitution; adopt and amend the “Worldloppet Rules and Regulations”; elect and remove the President; appoint and remove the members of Executive Board nominated by the regions. The procedure of establishing the WL geographical regions and nominating their representatives is described in the „Worldloppet Rules and Regulations“. admit new Full or Associate Members, approve their leave or exclude them from the Association; establish the amount of the entry and Membership fees for the Association; if necessary, appoint an auditorial commission for supervision and confirm the results of audit; approve of the annual financial report; approve the budget; decide on dissolution, merger and division of the Association.
3.2. The President
3.2.1. The President shall be the highest representative body of the Association
3.2.2. The President shall be elected for a term of four years.
3.2.3. The President shall be the member of the Executive Board arising form his/her position (ex officio) and shall manage the work of the Executive Board.
3.3. The Executive Board
3.3.1. Between the AGMs the Association work shall be managed by the Executive Board, which shall decide on issues outside the exclusive competence of the AGM.
3.3.2. The Executive Board shall have four to six members. Half of the members of the Executive Board must be permanent residents of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
3.3.3. The Executive Board shall hold at least two meetings a year, called up as determined by the President.
3.3.4. Invitation to the meeting along with the agenda shall be sent by the President at least 30 days in advance.
3.3.5. The CEO and any other necessary consultants shall participate in the Executive Board meetings without the right to vote.
3.3.6. The Chairman of the Executive Board meetings shall be the President or a person elected from the participating board members. The work and resolutions of the Executive Board shall be documented in the minutes.
3.3.7. The Executive Board is competent to: evaluate the admission, leave or exclusion of Members from the Association and making proposals for the AGM; delegate the President to sign the contract of employment with the CEO; convene the AGM; supervise the annual fiscal report and present it for approval to the AGM; supervise the budget and present it for approval to the AGM; form and dissolve the working groups if necessary,; found and close branch offices of the Association – p.e. Representative Offices of Worldloppet Ski Federation to the resident country of CEO; make proposals to the AGM to amend the Constitution and „Worldloppet Rules and Regulations“
3.3.8. The Executive Board meeting is competent to adopt resolutions if over one-half of the Members of the Executive Board are present at the meeting.
3.3.9.A resolution of the Executive Board is adopted with a majority of votes. In case of tie the resolution shall be made by the decision of the President.
3.4. The Chief Executive Officer.
3.4.1. The CEO shall be the head of the Worldloppet (Representative) Office and shall form his/her staff independently.
3.4.2. The CEO shall be accountable to the Executive Board and shall be responsible for all day to day operations of the Association.
3.4.3.The CEO shall represent the Association in relations with individuals and legal entities by proxies and is authorized to sign in the extent set by the Executive Board.

4. Assets of the Association

4.1. The assets of the Association shall be composed of:
4.1.1. entry and Membership fees;
4.1.2. donations and grants having pecuniary value. The Association shall not be entitled to alter the purpose of any purpose-oriented donations and grants.
4.1.3. income gained from other activities in compliance with the statutory objectives of the Association.

5. Dissolution of the Association

5.1. The Association shall be dissolved by the resolution of the AGM.
5.2. Upon the dissolution of the Association the remaining assets of the Association after satisfaction of all claims of creditors and depositing the money, shall be transferred to any non-profit association or public legal entity that has similar statutory objectives.
Last amendments on Worldloppet AGM 2016