Bieg Piastow

44th Bieg Piastów full of records

30km, 50km and 25km races of success in the snowy atmosphere of te Polish Jizera Mountains

Good weather, very strong competition, unusual attendance and outstanding fight between two former world champions – the 44nd Bieg Piastow Cross Country Festival gave big fun and unforgettable emotions for thousands of skiers all over the world, who came at Jakuszycka Glade in Szklarska Poręba in Izera Mountains, Poland.

Thank to quite favorable weather, the OC was able to prepare perfect tracks using only natural snow. Three parts of the tracks, where snow cover was thin, were cut, so distance of the main race was 42 km.

1619 skiers from 30 countries finished the main race, among them about 60 Worldloppet masters. The bests of them were fighting to the last meter of the track and in the end it was Dominik Bury who crossed the finish line first &  Jacob Walther second. 3rd place goes to Jonas Bestak.

“It was very beatiful, tough race! Track was perfect. When some kilometers before finish we remained it first group in only few, it was clear, that highest position will are only for us.  On the last part of the track we were fighting very firmly”, said Dominik Bury in the finish. He is the first polish skier, who won Bieg Piastów since 2012 and only second, who did it in the XXI century!

The winners, Dominik Bury and Czech star Klara Moravcova got as a part of the prize, a very special, made according to a unique project, a big cup which is produced in the world-famous Crystal Factory Julia. 

Very interesting was also 25 km race. Former Olympic and World Champion Justyna Kowalczyk, called Queen of Polish Skies, had a very strong rival – Zuzana Kocumova (also former World Champion – in 1999 in junior competition). This time Zuzana was faster!

The 44th Bieg Piastów set some records: the highest number of racers in the main race (1619), the highest number of racers in the 25km race (1725) and the highest number of women in cross country skiing race in Poland (444 at 25 km).

Photos & News: Bieg Piastow press center

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