Jizerská Padesatka

ČEZ Jizerská 50 Opens Registration for 2021

Registrations opened right Fifty Years after the Peru 1970 Expedition, to commemorate the climbers

“To commemorate the Peru expedition we launch registrations for the 54th edition of the Jizerská 50 race precisely fifty years after a group of climbers set out for Lima in Peru to travel under the summit of Huascarán”
This is the message coming from the Organizing Committee of Jizerska 50, that opened registrations on May, 18th for the upcoming edition that will be welcoming skiers from all over the world in the Jizera Mountains from February 12th, to February 14th, 2021.

As many of you might already know, these climbers gave birth to the Czech traditional winter race and after their tragic expedition they became its symbol. When the third Jizerská 50 was held at the beginning of 1971, the number of people taking part in it grew severalfold. as it was the first year that it was organized as Peru Expedition Memorial. Just like today, the climbers were commemorated at every opportunity.

“Half a century later we still think of the destiny of those young men, we remember them, commemorate them. Their story is an inseparable part of Jizerská 50,” explains Martin Koucký, chairman of Jizerská padesátka Ski Club.

The biggest Czech cross-country skiing race of a long tradition has opened registrations. The three-day event in the Jizerské Mountains saw a record number of participants this year. Despite concerns that there would not be enough snow, the 8,141 cross-country skiers started in the race under blue skies and on fresh white snow. Two-times Olympic gold medalist Petter Northug was one of the participants who enjoyed the unique atmosphere and he wants to come back and revisit the traditional Czech race in the coming years.

ČEZ Jizerská 50 will take place from 12th to 14th February 2021 in Bedřichov. The organisers hope for a great number of participants for the 54th edition, which is being prepared despite the intermission caused by the coronavirus outbreak. At these times when restrictions are being lifted it is necessary to come with some good news, which the opening of registrations for the legendary cross-country skiing race undoubtedly is.

Jizerská is not 50K only! Skiers can set out on a half-distance race or take part in the family “ten K” course. The classic technique is used in these races. It is also possible to take part in the freestyle 30K or to sign up a bunch of friends to the relay race for companies. Of course the already traditional children’s races and a colourful accompanying programme will also be part of the event.

If you want to be part of this cross-country skiing phenomenon, register now, taking advantage of the cheapest race fee.

● ČEZ Jizerská 50: 1,600 CZK
● Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30: 1,100 CZK
● Hervis Jizerská 25: 1,300 CZK
● ČT Jizerská 10 individuals / family: 750 CZK / 1,500 CZK
● Benzina Sprint: 600 CZK
● Mini Jizerská Pojišťovny VZP: 250 CZK

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