Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Cross-country skiing with sea view

Tomorrow it is time to celebrate the Worldloppet winter season-ender in Iceland: Hundreds of Worldloppet skiers travelled to the Scandinavian island to collect a stamp in their passport at the Fossavatnsgangan – probably the most scenic ski marathon. Among them famous names like Ivo Niskanen & Nikita Kriukov.

Yesterday evening Worldloppet skiers, masters & passport holders gathered in the library of Isafjordur – a small blue wooden house, which earlier used to be a hospital – at the Worldloppet reception. The major of the city Isafjordur and the CEO of Fossavatnsgangan welcomed the international skiers in their small town, which is presenting itself in unusual mild spring temperatures. Not often the organizers of the Icelandic Worldloppet leg have to deal with lack of snow, but this year they do. But with shifting the start and finish area to higher parts of the mountains a perfectly groomed race course is guaranteed for tomorrow’s big race day.

Among the hundreds of international skiers, we also find very famous names on the starting list for the Fossavatnsgangan 50 km classic race. The Finnish World champion and Olympic Gold medalist Ivo Niskanen is going to fight with Nikita Kriukov (Russian World and Olympic Champion) for the victory. Also from Norway strong company made the way to Isafjordur: Morten Eide Pedersen won the König Ludwig Lauf this year and the Jizerska50 several times. Other famous names on the starting list are Petter Soleg Skinstad, Alexis Jeannerod, Snorri Einarson, Eirik Bjornsen & Alexander Panzhinskiy.

The start is going to be at 08:00 local time (10:00 CET).

All information for participants like the bus schedule, program, results etc. you can find here:

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