Finally security from Italy: No doubts for Marcialonga 2021

With the mountain peaks in Val di Fiemme painted in white our minds start to fly to the next winter season and to Marcialonga 2021. But will it take place? What if I can not enter Italy? Finally we have received good news from Italy: The 48th Marcialonga will take place!

Already now, the organizers can guarantee, that the slope will be prepared as usual in the months before the 31 January 2021 as soon as the weather conditions allow it.

And COVID? Maybe you had a look to the success of the Marcialonga COOP running race in September. With important changes to the services, the participants, co-workers, volunteers and spectators were able to experience a secure and pleasant event. Same will count for the cross-country race.

There is no need saying that all will have to follow regulations and guidelines for a safe event and the evolution of the Italian and international situation will play a key role, but the Organizing Committee promised, to do all the necessary to organize the event in the best way possible.

But what if the situation is getting worse?

What if Marcialonga will not be authorized?

If Marcialonga will not receive the necessary authorization and the event cannot take place but you already booked the fee, you are sure to have a place for Marcialonga 2022, paying 50% of the fee 2022.

What happens if Marcialonga is confirmed but I can not enter Italy?

In case of Marcialonga 2021 will take place but you are not allowed to enter Italy, you are SURE to have a place for Marcialonga 2022, paying 50% of the fee 2022.

How may I enter Marcialonga and what is the deadline for registration?

In order to be more flexible and allow you to enter in different ways without stress or rush, the OC came up with different possibilities:

Online Registration

they will continue to be active, but the bibs availability is limited.

Tour Operators

Contact the partner tour operators and they will explain how to book the fee and the trip.

Friend Hotels

There are hotels offering you accommodation and entry fee. You can check directly with them deadlines and conditions.

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