Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Fossavatnsgangan preparing everything for the last show on snow in winter 2019

Spring has come to the most parts of Europe and the Worldloppet race organizations slowly start to organize everything for their summer competitions. But we still have one final show on snow left in this winter:

In Isafjordur, the north-western end of Iceland, winter just hit the mountains and the village with a new load of white powder. And exactly there we are going to ski one more marathon in winter 2019: The Fossavatnsgangan. On May the 4th again thousands of skiing enthusiasts are going to gather in Isafjordur for a 50 km classic style race.

“We´ve been quite busy over the last week making the course as good as possible for our guests in May. We even got an extra shipment of new snow and its still snowing. They’ve now groomed the 25 km course and the plan is to groom that part whenever possible, we expect that the 50 km course will be prepared in week 17. So we are confident that we´ll have a hardpacked track all the way in the great weather we are expecting in May.”

Kristbjorn Robert Sigurjonsson, Fossavatnsgangan Organizer

Here are some pictures, to give you an idea, how it is looking like in Isafjordur at the moment:

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