Is Finlandia Hiihto bringing the decision in the FIS Worldloppet Cup 2019

Tomorrow we are going to enter the final period of the FIS Worldloppet Cup 2019. The 6th and previous last stage is awaiting us in the cross-country skiing capital Lahti, in Finland: The Finlandia Hiihto. Is Maria Gräfnings going to fix her overall title already tomorrow? Will Damien Tarantola increase his lead? Tomorrow, Sunday 24th Feb. at 10:00 we will see!

Finlandia Hiihto back in the cup after 7 years

Five races are already skied in the FIS Worldloppet Cup season 2019, only two more to go: for the final stage the Cup is going to return to Russia to the Ugraloppet, but first, tomorrow, we are expecting the previous last stage in Lahti, the Finlandia Hiihto. The Finnish Worldloppet race is returning to the Worldcup of marathon skiing after 7 years.

Tomorrow, Sunday 24th February at 10:00 local time the 50 km free technique race is going to start. In front of the thousands of marathon skiers, the elite skiers and pro team members of the FIS Worldloppet Cup. The main favourite for the victory tomorrow is definitely Kari Varis from Finland. The local skier has won the Finlandia Hiihto already 11 times in both techniques. So he knows how to win on these tracks.

The strongest opponents he will have with FIS Worldloppet Cup overall leader Damien Tarantola, his teammates Gerard Agnellet & Loic Guigonnet (Skiteam e-liberty) and the second strong French pro team, Jobstation Rossignol, with skiers like Benoit Chauvet and Bastien Poirrier, who is second in the overall ranking. So are we going to see if Kari Varis can celebrate a victory in Lahti for the 12th time, or not.

Among the ladies we have one big name to mention as favourite for tomorrow’s victory: Maria Gräfnings from Sweden. She is leading in the overall ranking with a huge gap, has won 3 stages, finished one 2nd and is hot for another number-one-result. Already tomorrow, in the previous last stage, Gräfnings – who is skiing for the SAS Pro Team – could secure the title FIS Worldloppet Cup Champion 2019. 

But Tatjana Mannima from Estonia, skiing for the same team, won’t make it easy for her. She is second in the ranking, trying to overtake the red bib from Gräfnings on the last meters…

The Finlandia Hiihto is going to take place tomorrow, Sunday 24th February at 10:00 local time. 

By the way, in today’s classic races the Finns celebrated homevictories: Ari Luusua & Niina Virtanen were claiming the 1st place in the main distance.

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