Dolomiten Lauf

Is the Dolomitenlauf important to you?

The Dolomitenlauf in the Austrian Dolomites is a “must-attend” event at the beginning of the Worldloppet season since the beginning of the world federation. Challenging weather- & snow conditions over the past decade have forced the organizers mostly to transfer the Dolomitenlauf from its original tracks, in and around the city of Lienz, to Obertilliach, a snow-secure venue with perfect cross-country skiing facilities. 

Circumstances that make the life of the Dolomitenlauf-organizers very hard. Also, public support is getting less & less. 

Now the Austrian Worldloppet leg needs the help of the Worldloppet family! 

The following link is directing to a survey: “Is the Dolomitenlauf important for East Tyrol?”

Vote for Dolomitenlauf

Please click on the link, scroll to the end of the article (it’s in German & talks about the history of Dolomitenlauf) and select the first answer (“Ja, guter Sport, gute Werbung).

With this answer, you show, that the Dolomitenlauf is important to you!


Thanks for your help, and see you soon at the Dolomitenlauf or another Worldloppet race.

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