Kangaroo Hoppet

Kangaroo Hoppet presents the “Hoppet 2020 – Do It Your Way”

Last week came the news that Kangaroo Hoppet could not take place in the current season, but the Organizing Committee didn’t waste time and proposed a valid alternative, what they call the “Hoppet 2020 – Do It Your Way”. But, what is it about?

Registering to the event (for a simbolic 10$ fee), each athlete commits to undertake a physical activity of their choice at a individually chosen location over a distance of 42km, 21km or 7km between 10 and 23 August.

Regarding the guidelines, the physical activity must be people-powered and completed in one day. Examples of acceptable physical activities are running, walking, cycling, roller skiing, and, for those with access to the snow, skiing.

Every participant will receive an amazing goodie bag:

a. a digital race bib that you can print and wear while taking part.
b. a digital Hoppet 2020 – Do It Your Way poster.
c. a Hoppet 2020 – I Did It My Way certificate that can be downloaded after 23 August.
d. a Hoppet 2020 – I Did It My Way souvenir buff in the mail.

An interactive ‘result list’ that will be published on the Hoppet website. Registrations to the event will open on July 1 and they will be possible online only until August 23. The event will not count for a Worldloppet stamp nor 10 and 20 Hoppet Awards, but it is a great chance to feel closer to the international skiers’ community and a good motivation to practice some sports. And, if you live in the area, be advised that, snow permitting, cross country grooming will take place from the season opening on 22 June, and you will be able to ski on the real Kangaroo track.

Photo Marika Godin
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