La Diagonela (SUI)

Date: January 16th, 2021
Location: Zuoz, Engadin valley, Switzerland
Technical Data: 11km, 27 km or 65 km CT
Facebook: La Diagonela

La Diagonela is the largest cross-country race in classical technique in Switzerland. The revival of classical cross-country skiing is the main idea of La Diagonela. The holistic, harmonious, gentle, natural and decelerating movement is trendy and confirms the competence for sports events in the Engadin valley.

La Diagonela

La Diagonela leads over 65km across the beautiful Engadin. The start is in Zuoz, along the Inn to Celerina, and over the «dream track» to St. Moritz. The cross-country trail over Lake St. Moritz, which is only accessible during La Diagonela, offers a unique view. The route continues over the Stazersee back to Pontresina. The loop into the picturesque Rosegtal valley resembles a fairy tale, you leave civilisation in snow-covered forests. Back in Pontresina the route continues along the Samedan airport, past the start in Zuoz to S-chanf. Now the last climb takes you to the village centre of Zuoz, where the finish line is located amidst the Engadin houses.

La Pachifica

With La Pachifica you have the possibility to do the smaller distance of 27km. This leads on the original route from Pontresina to S-chanf and from there also to the beautiful destination in the centre of Zuoz.

La Cuorta

La Courta is the shortest possibility you have, if you want to be part of the event. The 11 km course starts and finishes in Zuoz and leads through S-Chanf.


First race: 18.01.2014
Highest number of Participants: 1’000

How to get to Zuoz

Zuoz is located 18km from St. Moritz. You can access it by car/bus from Zurich or Milano or Livigno.

Getting there by train:

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