American Birkebeiner

Meet “Traveling Ted” – the Worldloppet reporter at the American Birkebeiner

It’s always nice to have a look at the races from the inside, especialy if you have not skied it yet or if you did but love to experience it again even when you do not have the chance to be there personally: this is what our friend Ted Nelson, aka Traveling Ted will be doing for you! He is a passionate skier from the USA, not a professional skier, an “ordinary” person that does extraordinary things, like all of you: skiing marathons in the world!

Right now he is at the American Birkebeiner, where on Saturday he will be skiing 50k: he will be sharing with you his emotions regarding the race before, during and after it…

Follow him and his adventure on his FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM channels and read his BLOG to be updated!

But now…let’s get to know him better!

Ciao Ted, nice to meet you in this Worldloppet experience!
What brings you to be an amateur skier?

I was skiing the Indiana Dunes State Park, and I asked a fellow skier in the parking lot what trails were the best since it was my first time there. That fellow skier was Worldloppet Master Andrew Iver Johnsen. I mentioned I was a travel blogger and Andrew told me all about the Birkebeiner and the Worldloppet races. I signed up to do my first Birkebeiner that week.

What is Worldloppet for you?
The Worldloppet is a unique way to travel the world. Most travelers get one passport stamped in a country. Worldloppet skiers and travelers get two; therefore, Worldloppet skiers have more fun.

Have you already taken part to other races worldwide?
I have only skied the Gatineau Loppet and the Canadian Ski Marathon in Canada, so I am looking forward to doing more international races in the near future.

Good luck and see you on track at the American Birkebeiner!
Thank you! I am looking forward to another great race experience.

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