Murmansk Ski Marathon / Prazdnik Severa (RUS)

Part of Russia Loppet and Euroloppet

Date: 27 -28 March 2021
Location: Murmansk, Russia
Technical Data: 25 km or 50 km FT on 28th and CT on 29th of March
Facebook: Murmansk Cross Country Ski Marathon

Murmansk is the last city founded by the last imperial dynasty of Russia, and the largest ice-free port in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is a dream city: either a gloomy nightmare of a patient with a fever, or bright dreams. It all depends on the mood, and the mood on the weather. Impressions of a ski marathon are also very dependent on the weather. If the day turns out to be fine, sunny, bright, then running two circles of 25 km will be a huge pleasure.

The Murmansk marathon has long been the only marathon in the USSR. It has been held since 1974 as part of the Polar Olympiad “Celebration of the North”. The wide slopes of the sports complex “Valley of Coziness” attract many eminent participants. The marathon is definitely worth a visit, and more than once – you will see not only the elite of cross-country skiing and the region, but also the icebreaker Lenin.

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