Fossavatn Ski Marathon

MyFossavatn 2020 Virtual Race available until end of September

Well, the pronunciation issues with our Icelandic member race are not getting better. Finally I am able to pronounce “Fossavatnsgangan” fluently (I didn’t even had to check how to spell it anymore), and now our Icelandic member race is coming up with a name, even harder to pronounce. The name for their recently launched virtual race edition: Fossavatnidmitt!

Your personal Icelandic challenge

But let’s make it easy for us Non-Icelanders and call it MyFossavatn, the answer to the cancellation of the main race in May 2020. MyFossavatn is taking place between 20th September and 30th September 2020.

“We must let out all the energy after all those cancellation which have taken place this year.  Join us wherever you are in the world, you can bike, run, ski, skierg,  rollerski, swim or walk.”

Kristbjörn Robert Sigurjonsson, OC Fossavatnsgangan

It’s all up to the participants, even the distance. You choose your activity from walking to skiing and your distance. After registration you will receive your bib via email, print it and attach it to your chest (or wherever you like it). When going for your personal Icelandic challenge make sure to make a selfie and upload it afterwards with your time and distance and you will be visible on the result list.

Now the best thing: Among all participants, the organizers raffle 10 free entries for the Fossavantsgangan 2021 race in Isafjordur/Iceland!

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